Abused woman and son need prayers


Please pray for Cheri and her son. Cheri is an abused woman, she had to file for divorce due to the abuse. However, the son is still involved in this mess and is suffering terribly emotionally. Also, Cheri is picked on at her place of work and her boss constantly gives her a hard time, even knowing about her situation. She cannot leave this job…she has no other means of support.

Please pray for the safety of Cheri and her son, especially the son. As she cannot get full custody yet. Also, that she can find other work…or that her boss at least eases up on her.

Thanks and God bless you for your prayers! :slight_smile:




Prayers for all of them.


Added to the list! Prayers coming their way soon!


Prayers for Cheri and her son that they get much needed support and help in this difficult time.


Thanks to all who have prayed. God bless you and yours! :slight_smile:


iwll do.


Prayi:gopray: ng for Cherie and her son!


Prayers for Cheri’s strength and peace of mind
Prayers for Cheri’s son for grace and compassion at this time.

…and give me the name and number of that boss…prayers for all her colleagues to understand and show compassion at this difficult time in their lives.


I’ll keep Cheri and her son in my prayers. :gopray:


I will pray for their intentions.:gopray2:


Prayers… :highprayer: :gopray2:


Storming heaven with prayers for Cherie and her son.



Prayers and daily Mass for them :crossrc:


Prayers for Cheri!:crossrc:


What a problem! :frowning: Praying for them… :gopray2: God have mercy on Cheri and her son! :amen:




Thanks to everyone who has or is offering prayers for Cheri and her son. May God bless you for your kindness to this mother and her two children. :slight_smile:


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