abusing grace

what would be an abuse of grace? just sinning because you think you will be forgiven? is there more to it than that? what if youre confused?

What you describe here could be at least two things, based on whether or not you have an intention of going to confession.

Thoughts like* I can do this because, after, I can just go to confession* or I’m going to confession anyway are merely ways we rationalize committing sin, and is evidence of our giving full consent to a particular sin.

If we simply choose to sin because we think God is so merciful that He will always forgive us, even outside of repentance and confession, then we’re committing the sin of presumption in addition to whatever sin we freely chose.

An abuse of grace is when you choose not to cooperate with some grace and say no to what God is asking of you. Sinning because you think it will be forgiven is presumption and an abuse of grace. If you are confused, you must be cautious and do what you think our Lord expects from you and even seek the help of a traditional priest or a traditional Catholic book. God bless you.

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