Abusing my wife's little dog


Is it wrong to get pleasure out of doing this to my wife’s dog? :shrug:
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LOL, where did you get the outfit???

I don’ t think it’s so bad, as long as the dog isn’t so irritated her or she starts to chew it off. He or she looks resigned, not upset.

I am not a big dresser of pets for Halloween. Of course, we have cats.


My lovely wife refuses to speak to me :rolleyes: And I am no longer allowed to visit the local “Target” store unless I am chaparoned by a responsible adult :smiley:

By the way, my dog is mocking my wife’s dog. :eek: I think I may have to go to confession, I’m getting a lot of pleasure out of this.


My aunt has two shitzus. I shall have to make a trip to Target and see what I see. Did they have any in lizards in red?


They had at least a dozen different costumes, I don’t recall red lizards.


You can also get a poodle costume for your doberman so people won’t criticize you for having a dangerous breed:

http://www.members.optushome.com.au/aenews/images/aaakit-poodle1.jpg http://www.members.optushome.com.au/aenews/images/aaainsidez.jpg



At least it wasn’t the “attitude” t-shirts at Wal*Mart that say things like, “Dude, where’s my bone?” and “My owner’s hotter than your owner!”


I wouldn’t call it abuse, but the dog doesn’t look too thrilled. But I have no room to talk – when we were kids, we would dress up our dog (a basset-beagle mix) for Christmas, even to the point of tying his long, floppy ears up in ribbons. He just sighed and endured it. :wink:

As for Halloween, I have cats and they aren’t declawed. Just try dressing them up and see how far it gets you! :tsktsk:


Well, the only sin is in upsetting your wife not the dog. I personally find it hilarious when we dress them up - we used to dress my moms poodle in doll clothes, only she really like it and would prance about like she was something beautiful:p.

I currently have my little poodle in a t-shirt with a pirate on the back. We haven’t done much to the new kittens yet but have done collar decorations and scarves for different holidays. Our old Tom barely put up with them - we would find the scarf somewhere in the house about two weeks after we put it on him but I say if we start now the kittens might just think it is normal to get dressed up for the holidays:shrug:

Brenda V.


I can’t wait to see if my cousin will buy this for her shepherds! That doberman looks like a an uathentic standard poodle with a tinted muzzle.


(actually, I don’t think you can really buy it. it’s a joke)


ROFL!!! I would SO BUY THAT – seeing I am 7 months pregnant and far from “hot!”





Not to get OT, but with different breeds being labeled simply for their existence, the organization should think seriously about coming out with the “disguises” as a fund raiser.


aw…looks like the little doggie likes it!:smiley: Just in time for Halloween. I think that is so cute!!


Oh yeah… I’d like you to come over and put a “poodle skirt” on my Shtoltz! (He did like his neckerchiefs though…) i73.photobucket.com/albums/i217/JD12585/th_BigDog02.jpg
(He was 108lbs, and thigh-high at the shoulder - one big doggy - gone 5 years :heaven: )

My new doggy will tolerate her collar, and and occasional “decoration”… she’s celebrating the 4th!


Christmas is coming. Would your wife speak to you again if you got this one?

or maybe this one


Forget the DW… would your dog ever speak to you again???

(Oh yeah, you dressed me up in a gnome-jockey/ballerina outfit, and now you wanna play fetch…or want me to bark at intruders?? It’s gonna take a lot of rawhide bones, pig ears, and meat scraps to make up for this one buddy…)


:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

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