Abusing my wife's little dog


Ohhh…you guys! It has been a long day and this has ended it on a very uplifting note. Had me rolling on the floor :smiley:

I am off to pray the Rosary before turning in and I go with a lighter heart.





I need to go to our old akita’s new family and give them the snowman with the saddle. :extrahappy: :rotfl:


My dog is an Akita. I love the breed. She is my third, and the smallest Akita we’ve owned (she’s about 90#) and is an absolute sweetheart with the family or whoever we let into the house. The breed is very interesting in how they defend the family and house but are so very loving to people we let into our lives.

This is my little girl doggy as a pup and all grown up! Her name is Misha.
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And playing with Snowball Puff, my wife’s horrible little mean white dog that we dressed up in the first post of this thread! :rolleyes:
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OMGosh this is too funny!!! Any ideas for a pittbull??? He eats stuffed animals for fun… seriously, I don’t get it. He can be sitting there all nice and calm and notice a stuffed animal and go totally berzerk!!! He chewed through a harness too… the only thing he has tolerated is a collar… I guess I should just give up on this idea.


Misha does that too. She is our 3rd Akita. Of the 3, one of them was not a chewer, one chewed constantly and one chews only sometimes. I guess it depends on the personality of the individual dog?

As for halloween costumes for pets, I don’t really have any ideas, all I know is that when my daughter and I saw the lizard/dragon costume we knew that was the right (wrong) one for Snowball :rolleyes:


I love akitas, they are so loyal!!! But Teddy was getting too big for our house, which is an empty-nester, and I didn’t have room for a 125# dog and two little girls with all their stuff when the girls moved in again 3 years ago. So, I found Teddy a good home with 4 kids all over the age of 10 who could handle her on a leash, a big back yard, and parents who could handle the voice commands. We still visit her. She used to allow the cats to ride onher back, it was a hoot.

I would get another one if I had room or could get one guaranteed to be under 100#.


Ah, put it down? Seriously those things are a menace and are illegal in some parts of the world - for good reason!
If I’m walking down the street with my 3 year old and a pitbull passes us I get VERY uncomfortable!


That was extremely uncharitable. My pitbull is like a member of the family… how would you like it if I said to kill your 3 yr old? That is about how charitable your comment was! My pitbull has never hurt anyone intentionally…


My family started getting staffordshire terriers when I was in high school. They are the nicest dogs you’d ever want to meet, most loving, most loyal- Why she even tried to clean my brother (19 year difference) and “bury” his diapers in the carpeting! She wore my wig and underthings, and tried to wear my cosmetics-willingly.
It’s usually the human, not the breed.


I’ll defend “pits” only in the context of when I know the owners, and how much time they spend with their animals. (As someone who grew up with Dobermans, owned & trained them, and suffered through that “Attack Dog” stigma…)

Pit Bulls can be very dangerous dogs under the wrong ownership. They must have a very good home, need lots of attention & distractions, and must have a strong “heirarchy” of who is their master/pack leader.
(A very good friend of mine had a pit… “Mack” (yes, named after the truck’s hood ornament). He was the most gentle, “good buddy” dog I’d seen in a long time… obedient, smart, everything you’d want in a dog. I’d trust an infant around him in a heartbeat. My friend worked very hard with him. Gave him lots of playtime & affection, and some structured training. “Mack” was a great dog - until some jerk *shot him in his own backyard *just because he was a pit bull)

If you’ve got a dog that’ll tolerate being dressed up go for it… IMO if it ain’t bigger than a football, it ain’t a dog.

I’ll take mine with an attitude, and the teeth & muscle to defend their home for only kibble & tablescraps in exchange… just my .02


Your dog might have to go to confession with you!


I totally agree… I used to raise dobermans too… loved them!

Oh do they require attention!!! Mine got upset that ds2 closed his door the other night so he quietly crawled in bed with me and dh about 4:30am! He really is a good dog, but really requires alot of attention!

AMEN!!! I am actually scared of little dogs because they nip at your heels and bark alot



I love this thread! Great pictures guys!


I must admit, I’m one of those who fear, fear, fear dogs now. Perhaps media reports have something to do with increasing fear, but maybe it’s that people in general are less likely to responsibly care for/train/restrain their dogs than they used to be.
I’m sure it’s not fair to the good owners and their dogs, but I guess that’s the price all of us pay for the bad behaviors of a few. Catholic priests are reviled because of a few abusers, African-Americans have a harder time shaking off the stereotype that follows them because of other offenders of their race, and large dogs are feared because some owners have not done their jobs.
Since I don’t know the good dogs/owners from the bad just by looking, I hope you will sympathize with my concern when I move to the proverbial “other side of the street” when I see your dog. In all sincerity, no offense intended.


And on to doggies who dress with style, particularly for Halloween…


Well I’m very sad to report that we will have to rewrite the history of the world. St. George did not slay the dragon, in fact the dragon appears to have eaten St George :blush:

Sorry folks, I didn’t start this to end up as a revisionist, but it obviously appears that St George has given up and the dragon has won :eek:
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