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I am scheduled to take a test for one of my classes in a couple days.
Other students from a different class with the same teacher took the same test yesterday. They were talking about the test in front of me, and I overheard that this was going to be a difficult test, and we were going to have to know the material very well.
My school recognizes willfully taking information about a test from another class as cheating. However, I am actually reluctant to study well for the test now (which I wasn’t originally going to), since this is probably considered academic dishonesty. What should one do in this situation?

Thank you, God bless

It is not academic dishonesty. It’s frankly an absurd notion that you should purposely not study because you heard someone else say the exam was difficult.

If you these sorts of skewed thoughts often talk to your pastor about the problem.

This absolutely is not academic dishonesty. You didn’t seek out information about what was on the test, nor did you attempt to otherwise learn what would be tested. You heard a general comment about the test being difficult for the student who was writing it.

Further, in most situations like this, professors prepare different versions of the tests to prevent students sharing answers, so it is unlikely you would be writing the same version of the test as your colleagues.


it’s not like you asked you roommate to try and memorize all the questions and then tell you her answers. or something like that.

If I understand correctly, you got no specific information (like questions and answers) but only an opinion that the test is difficult. I don’t think there is any problem. Don’t let this distract you. Study well and do your best, like you are supposed to.

It’s not academic dishonesty to over hear a fact of the exam, namely, it’s HARD.

Study hard.

No, you can absolutely study with a clear conscience (I’m a teacher BTW). Academic dishonesty would be if you actually pressed them for what was on the test/had them give you a copy of the test. To merely overhear that the test was hard gives you no real advantage (besides knowing to study). If you can take the time to study and do well, it’s not cheating, you earned it.

As someone else pointed out, seek help if these are regular thoughts. They point towards being scrupulous.

I worry how you can do well on a test regaurdless of study if you cannot work out this logical conclusion on your own.

On the other hand, you could use the belief that it’s academic dishonesty as an excuse to not do the hard studying that you know you have to do.

That was my first thought. Maybe the OP has not put in the necessary work and is simply looking for excuse if the exam does not go well.

PraiseChrist others seem to have answered your question . i would like to use your post to pose another question to all.
Say the overheard conversation went like this…that test was really hard glad i studied chapter x more than chapter y.
would this info be enough to give the other student an ‘unfair’ advantage.

I don’t think so, as it’s not specific. Why worry about this when we have serious things to worry about, and this hasn’t happened yet?


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