Academy Award winning actress Ellen Burstyn Says Abortion was the Worst Thing in Her Life

This is a surprising admission and even more so that it happened in the secular media. Doubtless the question would never have been asked, in the first place, if her response had been anticipated.

TORONTO, September 19, 2007 ( - Academy Award winning actress Ellen Burstyn known for her roles in ‘Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore’ and ‘The Exorcist’ was interviewed by CFRB radio in Toronto while she was in town promoting her new book - *Lessons in Becoming Myself. *

CFRB spoke at length about the long and eventful career of the highly acclaimed 74-year-old actress after which the interviewer asked Burstyn** “what was the lowest moment” of her life.**

After a pause during which the interviewer prompted with her single motherhood, struggles with her son and more, Burstyn said, “You know, I guess, I hate to talk about this on the air, but having an abortion.”

Pray for the healing of this actress and that more like her will finally break the silence.

I had occasion to have lunch with Ms Burstyn two years ago when she spoke at a local fundraiser to fight addictions. She was a pleasant, down to earth, slightly fragile, very beautiful lady. I will certainly keep her in my prayers.

She was fantastic in Requiem For A Dream.

I have always liked Ellen Burstyn. I didn’t know this was in her past. I am sad for her that she went through it, but at least now she has the courage to speak the truth. It’s really hard to admit when you have been wrong even in little matters, so imagine how hard it must have been for her to speak/write about something this big.

God bless her for having the courage to express such a “countercultural” truth. Our country needs to hear more people who are not seen as fitting into the cliche categories of “religious” and/or “conservative” speaking out about what abortion really does to women (not to mention to babies!).

I don’t think that’s fair. I don’t imagine there are many pro-choice people that think an abortion isn’t a huge choice with serious consequences.

You would be shocked then:eek:, I’ve heard too many women say “I’ll just get an abortion” and then go do it:( . It wasn’t a big deal to me back then (college years), it breaks my heart to think about it now:(.

Thank you for saying that, Tom.

Quite honestly, the man who got Ellen Burstyn pregnant should be flogged for not being in the picture. When are men going to be held accountable for their part?

There was only one Virgin Birth, after all.

Abortion is a wonan’s choice. Men aren’t allowed a say in the matter. :o

I don’t know about that. They certainly have a say in whether they will participate in the act, though, right?

She should have won an AW for that. That role was very difficult for her. She’s amazing.

Ms. magazine launches “I had an abortion” campaign

I’m a little late on this one, so forgive me. Ms. magazine recently launched their second “I had an abortion” campaign and petition. The first one was in 1972 in the debut issue of the magazine when over 50 well-known women declared that they had abortions—even though it was illegal at the tim.
Kind of sad that we’re in such bad shape that another petition is needed so many years later.

Sure looks like they’ve considered the gravity and seriousness of abortion with this fabulous ad campaign!

Well, I don’t think Ms. Magazine speaks for everyone.

Would you go along with if the man wants an abortion, and the woman does not, should the man have the rights to terminate his rights to support the child? After all in that instance the man does not have a choice that the woman has, so why should the man have the same obligation for a choice he cannot make?

No, I wouldn’t. As far as I’m concerned, he signed on for the ride way back when he was tossing out pick-up lines at the bar.

It’s too convenient of an answer just to brush off a man’s responsibility and say that he doesn’t have a choice in the matter. I don’t know you, but I do know others who have used that old excuse, and they are sexist. They ignore the fact that women make the decision to abort under the most trying conditions, that they usually make the decision alone and scared and uncertain about being able to even afford the bare necessities of caring for a child…often with the man nowhere in the picture.

I am not saying this is you, but too many men in this society conveniently forget why a woman will even submit to sex out of wedlock in the first place. They claim to be unaware that a woman always wants a relationship out of the encounter. They are too cavalier to realize that she keeps calling over and over because they made a promise to the woman simply by having had sex with her, and sometimes even deceived her.

My brother, I’d like to encourage you to start mentoring young men. Start making them see that it is uncompassionate to dangle a relationship in exchange for sex. Tell them how crushed a woman feels when he ignores her after the encounter.

If we nip this in the bud, at the place where young men and women start making decisions about the kind of adult they will be, then no one will need an abortion in the first place. The whole issue will be moot.

I’ve spent more than a few hours praying outside abortion mills in the West and more than half of the women were accompanied by a man. Granted that is only anecdotal, but seems to imply that men have had a say in the decision of the women that were having abortions those days.

I take my hat off to you for your prayers. Why not add to your arsenal by counseling young men as well?

I do spend time mentoring young men. Chastity is one of the subjects that is covered.

God bless you,

And you as well, brother. Thank you for your service!

You obviously miss the point of that campaign. The message is not ‘I killed a baby, yaaaaaay!’.

The message is ‘Yes, I had an abortion and it’s something that should be discussed and not ignored.’

From their site

It is time to speak out again– in even larger numbers —and to make politicians face their neighbors, influential movers and shakers, and yes, their family members. We cannot, must not—for U.S. women and the women of the world—lose the right to safe, legal, and accessible abortion or access to birth control. Just as in 1972, Ms. will send the signed petitions to the White House, members of Congress and state legislators.

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