Acanac Hooters waitress allegedly sacked over blond highlights

“They gave me write-ups and they told me I need to take the colour out of my hair. And they said I couldn’t have blond in my hair because I’m black. They specifically said: ‘black women don’t have blond in their hair, so you need to take it out,’” Johnson told CBS.

Hooters is going to get cleaned as they should!!


Perhaps because

“employers can’t impose two separate and distinct rules governing employee standards-one for African-American employees and one for everyone else”

Why are you posting this here? Talk to a lawyer.

Are you under the impression that they don’t regulate the appearance of their white wait staff?

Why would I be under that impression?:confused:

As long as they regulate everyone equally under the law etc., etc that’s fine.

Are you under the impression that Hooter’s actions in this case are A OK?:confused:

Personally I have a strong dislike for Hooters. To me, it is a business based upon sex and lust.

Hooter’s customers look at the waitress’s hair?

We were just talking about Hooter’s at work. One guy said the same friend kept calling him every month to go on a certain night when he’s working. I suggested “Maybe he’s just reminding you he’s still single” he said no he still goes w/his buddies cuz the food is great. I’ve never been to one but everyone (all male) agreed the food is excellent. :shrug:
One thing my Hooter’s-going coworkers found disconcerting; people bringing their kids.

As for the discrimination complaint, I think this woman has a case. I can’t think of any woman I know who hasn’t at some time dyed, streaked, highlighted her hair, black or white. Besides if she can’t dye her hair because it’s naturally black why not tell her she can’t get it straightened or permed?

Me too, exploitation, objectification, perfect example of where America took a left instead of a right. Hooters sums it up.

Then it was stereotyped and franchised. Such redeeming qualities. A little “racism,” what the heck at that point.

I agree with you GaryTaylor. Its disgusting. I wish that Hooters would just quit being a business or change into a moral business. If they go out of business then hopefully everyone who works there can find morally correct and fulfilling jobs.

OK, maybe, legal - yes.

I thought they sold food.

I’m beginning to think you have a really dry sense of humour.:wink:

So discrimination based on race is legal?:rolleyes:

That’s news to me.

Go ask your wife if you can go eat there since you eloquently said that they sell food and report back to us what she said.

She took me there for my birthday.

How is she being discriminated? Do they allow other wait staff to have unnatural hair colors?

I’m now convinced of the dryness of your humour:thumbsup::smiley:

It is a busines much like Victoria’s Secret and Ambercrombie & Fich, based on low brow trashy marketing as a way to appeal to people. I used to frequent Hooters when I was a single guy in the USAF, and actually do love the wings, but I can’t exactly tell my wife I think Victoria’s Secret is trashy while rolling in for Hooter’s carry out. We just avoid all of them now.

I would like to see their hair color policy before I make a full judgement, but if they want to ban all artificial hair colors then I don’t think there would be a legal problem. I would think such as policy would be silly, but if it is a private business it is between the owner and employee. If they made the policy based on race that would be problematic.

One has to wonder whether they have policies against other types of artificial body changes as well?

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