Accept Abortion If Good Being Done?

Consider an organization that gives millions to organizations that provide abortion. They also give to organizations that help the poor and help save lives.

Should we boycott, protest, and withold support from such an organization because of abortion even though they are also doing good?

I would think yes we should boycott. Others actually seem to praise the organization for the good that it does and can accept that they also support abortion.

Decisions to boycott certain corporations or foundations because of ties to abortion are difficult to make in a day and age when abortion and its supporting “industry” is woven into the fabric of everyday life. If only one company were involved in the abortion industry and one could readily obtain the goods it produces from other, non-abortion-related companies, the decision would be more clear-cut. As it is, it is almost impossible to boycott all of the companies that are related in one way or another to the abortion industry. In such a situation, while boycotts can be meritorious, individual participation in such a boycott is a matter of prudential judgment.

In the case you cite, one pro-life person could decide that participation in this boycott is possible for him and for his family while another pro-life person could just as blamelessly decide to focus his and his family’s pro-life efforts elsewhere.

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