Accept benefits from Obama?

My question is: Is it okay for undocumented young men and women to accept the Deferred Action Plan from President Obama that gives them temporary legal status in the United States?

I was brought like many to this country as a child. I was only 4. Now there is this opportunity but I do not like the policies Obama offers the country. I am prolife. I dont know if it would be correct to accept this from a person like him. I feel like I would be giving him my support. Thank you and hope you can help me out with this doubt.

yes it with your pastor.

First this is not accepting benefits from Obama, but it is taking advantage of regulations implemented by the US government. Second, probably it is immoral being in a country illegally; however, it is not immoral to take advantage of a morally neutral situation to start legal behaviors.

Nothing wrong with accepting benefits under this program. The program is bad and has the long term effect of denying legal residency to other foreign nationals who have waited many years to come into this country legitimately. But that’s not on you - it’s on the government.

If you take the benefit, do right by your adopted country, become a contributor in the future and try to change the system. That’s the best thing you can do.

This. If we could never take advantage of the good effects of a bad thing, we’d all be in trouble given that our salvation comes from the murder of God. If things work out well for you as a result of this policy, that’s great, and like all of us you just need to do the best you can to make things as good and fair as you can for others later on.

I agree. Go for it! I hope your application is accepted!

You made NO personal decision to enter America illegally. Thus you have done nothing immoral.

No man is perfect and thus we deal with men who do somethings right and somethings wrong. Regardless of what we like or dislike about a president should not enter into whether we should accept a particular offer. Our decision should be based on whether or not it is moral for us to accept the offer being made.

Is the offer itself moral or immoral?
If the offer is immoral, we should not accept it.
But if the offer, itself, is moral, then we need to ask, is it moral for ME to accept it?

Two examples:

Abortion, itself, is immoral. We cannot accept government aid to carry out an abortion. It may be harder, but we must do the moral thing and trust in God. Men certainly should provide for their woman and children.

Food Stamps, themselves, are not immoral at all and, in fact, quite moral. It is most moral to sustain life. Food is essential. If I am so poor I cannot feed myself or family, it is moral for me to accept food stamps. But, if I refuse to work to provide for myself and family and prefer to waste my money on frivolous things, then taking food stamps may be immoral for me.

I intentionally avoid discussing your immigration status because I do not know enough about your circumstances and the “offer.”

I want to say something more.

It is illegal to enter another country without proper permisision. But illegal entry may not always be immoral. Using food again: I must feed my family. This is my greatest obligation to them. If I cannot feed them here and I have the ability to go elsewhere to feed them, I feel morally bound to do so.

I also have a high moral duty to protect my family. If I rightly feel their very lives are in danger, I may need to move to a safer location until the danger passes. But I also may have the courage to stand and fight right where I live.

If I truly cannot stay where I live given the two threats above, and I do move, then I certainly owe the new place my very best efforts to earn my own way as much as possible and always be a gracious guest even if the host is not always gracious as well.

You’re not actually accepting anything from him, but it would be from the United States. He’s just the president, he doesn’t own the country. Accepting any kind of benefits does not endorse any wrongdoing of his or other politician. But don’t take my word for it, here’s what the USCCB has to say about it:

Is this what you are talking about? If it is, it seems that the USCCB is very much in favor of this:


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