"Acceptance of Homosexuality Runs Deep in the American Church": An Article and Personal Account


"When I decided I had to become Catholic, I went to a local RCIA Program…

So, I went to my first class. The instructor was a nice lady. But she had one major flaw: She took it upon herself to tell the students that she disagreed with the Church’s teaching. On what you may ask? You guessed it: homosexuality."


I’m happy that the man stood up for the Church’s teachings


THANK YOU for sharing and God bless that man for speaking up as a Catholic before he was even Catholic.


This story says more to me about the poor quality of lay RCIA instructors than it does about anything “running deep” in the American Church.

Whatever possessed that woman to tell her class her personal opinions on the Catechism? it’s not a discussion group, it’s to teach people the teachings they need to know in order to join.


In my experience a lot of converts stand up for the Church’s teachings on issues like homosexuality because a number of them leave other mainline protestant denominations mainly due to these groups changing their beliefs. A lot of them don’t want to leave their previous church to get away from that nonsense just to have it pushed on them again by some liberal catechist, priest, or bishop in the Catholic Church. Good for him for speaking up.


Ugh. I made the mistake of scanning the article’s comments and found this: “That right there is one reason I’m not Catholic – inaccuracy, slander, and groupthink.” Fantastic. Sometimes it’s frightening how far the Church has to go regarding evangelization.


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