Acceptance of Spiritual Icons for Promoting Faith


Personally I feel that pictures, crucifixes, statues, can be important, especially for children, in the development and growth of their faith. Recently, I donated two crucifixes
for two separate rooms, as well as a beautiful framed picture of Jesus with children.

The gifts were not received well by the parish manager, who is concerned that many groups use the room, and not just those who are Catholic. She stated “It isn’t that we are trying not to be Catholic…” (The on call priest and several others loved the gifts and father even blessed them before we attemped to hang them.)

Needless to say, they were gifts not well received by the PM and I felt hurt, especially in defense of my faith. At what point do we sacrifice positive spiritual influences for the sake of sensitivities of those of other faiths? I also question how much influence should be given to the parish manager? (who has a reputation of being harsh with most people.)


Wait… this is a building at your church? As in Religious Ed or where RCIA is held? If it’s a catholic building then why aren’t there already these things up? Your PM is out of line if this is the case. Hiding our faith for any reason, especially because we’re afraid of how other people will see us, is disturbing, a catholic who really cares wouldn’t do such a thing.

People who have been granted permission to use church facilities should remember that they are church facilities… if they had a problem with the Church then why would they be associating with it in the first place?

I hope I understand the case right. Other Christian groups use the buildings at my parish, like AA and the Coptics. They love it:) they don’t have a problem with us. They know where they are and there’s a really good relationship between them and the parish, they don’t have issues with the crucifix or anything else Catholic about our Catholic buildings.:shrug:

IMHO you should get one of the priests involved. They definitely have way more say than her… God Bless!


I think you’re correct about this! there’s absolutely nothing wrong with hanging Catholic artwork in a Catholic parish building … (church or even a church hall or other room.)

that’s like saying that we shouldn’t put crosses on top of church buildings cause non Catholics or non Christians would be offended… I can’t imagine anyone getting offended by Catholics simply being …well, Catholic… :stuck_out_tongue: if they are, they’re being way too sensitive.


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