Accepted bible versions?

I wanted to know what bibles are accepted I know Douay-Rheims is usually used but what other versions are accepted?

Are you looking for approved Catholic Bibles?

If so, here’s a link to a list of the ones that have been approved since 1983:

Then there’s, as you mentioned, the Douay-Rheims…and also the RSV-CE (1st and 2nd editions), The Jerusalem Bible, and The New Jerusalem Bible. I know there are more, hopefully someone else will pop in and provide the ones that have slipped my memory.

Accepted by whom and for what purpose? Some translations have Church approval for liturgical use, others for devotional use.

Approved by the catholic church for reading at home…

Anything that has a:

Nihil obstat and Imprimatur; or
A statement indicating that it has been published with the approval of a Conference of Catholic Bishops.

I know of:

Douay - Rhymes
New Jerusalem
Good News Bible (CE)
Christian Community BIble ( Translations into many languages)

The ESV should be producing a Catholic edition in the next couple of years, as it is to be used for a new Lectionary in most english speaking counties other than the USA from 2014

If you’re in the USA, most likely your parish is using the lectionary with the translation from the New American Bible, as in the USCCB list, New American Bible, Revised Edition (NABRE).

It’s what I use and the readings are the same as what I hear at Mass and what are in my Breviary for the Liturgy of the Hours.

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