Accepting a job you don't want to stay at

Not to get into all details, but I’ve been having a really hard time with jobs and money. I still live at home with my family (until I’m married), but I still need money to pay my car bill, and necessities for myself. Anyway, long story short… I got a call back today with a voicemail and she mentioned it was good news (but I haven’t called back or accepted yet) from a job that I interviewed for. The pay is good, and it would realllyyy help me out a lot right now. However, the job itself is not something I really enjoy but would be fine I guess … But, on top of it, the hours and days are long. And, there’s a big chance I will have to work overtime. I want to be able to start going to a bible study class, and other hobbies such as going to yoga at the gym. I can still probably try to fit that in somehow, but I just have things that i want to do that I feel I won’t be able to do all of them the way I want to bc I will be working.

My question is, would it be wrong to accept the job and work there, but look for something else? And, then quit if I find something I like better???

Unless you have signed a contract that spells out how long you must work, you are free to find a better job at any time.

That said, recreation is secondary to taking care of our responsibilities. Hard work is good for the soul, and the Bible repeatedly tells us the benefit of work. Take the job.

Learn as much as you can from this job (if you get it), be very grateful for the opportunity to work, and keep your eyes open for a better opportunity.

I can’t tell you how many jobs I took because I needed them and because I had a lot to **learn **to make me more employable in the future.

If you didn’t intend to take the job if offered, I have to wonder… why did you bother to apply and interview for it at all? :confused:

To answer your question, I don’t see a problem with accepting the job while continuing to look for other job opportunities that would better fit your desired hours and what you want to do. Many people take jobs they don’t particularly enjoy, in order to pay the bills, and fully expect to “move up” or find something better in the future. Just make sure you are not “short-changing” your current employer while you do so. Also, know your obligations, such as how much notice you are expected to give your current employer before you resign (and even if no notice is required, it’s generally considered polite to give two weeks’ notice so they can begin seeking a replacement).

Also consider what you will do if you take the job, but don’t find another that you like better for a long time. Or what happens if you don’t take the job, but don’t find another one in a reasonable amount of time? How will you handle your bills?

If you can take care of your responsibilities and still do some of the things you want to do while working, that’s great. But you shouldn’t put your wants first. Don’t ignore your obligations just because you might have to put off doing what you want for a while. :wink:

While the job may not be something you enjoy (and most jobs have at least on unenjoyable piece to them), you should still give it your best.

Perhaps this is where God wants you.

It’s a job! You don’t have to like everything about it. It brings in a paycheck. And you can learn something from any job.

Take the job. It is easier to find another job when you have a job. XXX # of dollars coming in verus no dollars coming in; no brainer.

Prospective employers place a high value on experience.
The longer you are unemployed, the less employable you are.
My husband has been looking for almost 3 years. No one will give him a chance.
Take the job, and thank God daily for employment.
You’re young…I took a job once that I thought I’d hate, just for the paycheck. it ended up being a great experience, and I made great friends.
Take the job,
I wish all the best.

There’s nothing wrong with taking the job until you find another one. Your first responsibility is to support yourself if you are an adult. Any other activities are secondary.

I haven’t particularly enjoyed any of my jobs over the years. I do them simply for the money. You do what you have to do until you can get the job you like. Some people never get to their desired job. That is the unfortunate reality. Like myself, I still haven’t found a career that really interests me. The good thing is that work you didn’t enjoy is a good sacrifice to our Lord. It can bring us closer to Him if we let it. You can also offer up the suffering for other people either still living or in purgatory.

Take the job and see how it goes.

Employee retention is the employer’s concern. If the job itself, the work environment and conditions, and the pay are not sufficient to retain staff, that’s the fault of the employer, not the employees.

Welcome to the free market! That is entirely your decision.

Best of luck with finding a suitable job!

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