Accepting and rejecting God

How can we accept and reject God at the same time? We accept Jesus as our Saviour(accept God), yet when we sin we reject Word of God(reject God).

Because we’re fallible creations dealing with concupiscence (the tendency towards sin.) We love God, but we are weak. That’s what make’s God’s love so amazing; no matter how often we turn away from Him, He’s always there waiting to welcome us back.

Exactly! It would be like offending your friend over and over again. Eventually the friend is going to stop trusting and forgiving you because they know you’ll hurt them again. God is so amazing that no matter how many times we hurt him, as long as we are truly sorry He forgives us.

I think it’s relevant that the idea that you are the little man in your head who sees things and constructs the continuous narrative is ‘you’ is probably wrong. There’s a rational mind that fairly recent evolutionarily grafted onto a brain with all sorts of ancient structures.

You drive to eat when you’re hungry doesn’t come from your conscious mind. Your hippocampus kicks and drives you to eat. You’re rational brain can fight it, but the hippocampus usually wins. Dieting is hard.

The parts of your brain that manage social interaction constantly analyze your position in the social dominance hierarchy. They don’t go away because your rational mind accepts God. Your sex drive doesn’t go away because you accept God. They’re still there driving your choices.

One of the most interesting results from psychology is that sometimes we start doing actions before our rational mind starts to consciously come up with the explanation for why we’re doing them!

To become sinless is a process of training and subduing all those processes going on in your brain that want you to fight for status, have sex, accumulate resources. You’re fighting your biology all the way down.

Luckily, God understands.

If God purposely created people and human nature to be imperfect…why would you consider sinning as a rejection of the God who created the scenario and possibility and probability of it?


He didn’t create it to be be imperfect, He created us to be perfect, but he also created us with the ability to chose. It is us who chose to be imperfect.

we are not accepting God at the time that we sin.

perhaps your question is how is it that we can be sinners if we follow Jesus?

but, we are not accepting God in that instance that we sin. can we repent and seek reconciliation with God immediately after we have sinned? i see no reason why we cannot immediately repent. in any case, our decisions to sin cannot occur simultaneously with our willing to love and obey God. they have to be two different moments in time.

So…he created us to perfect, and most of us are not. I venture to guess that ALL of us are not–hence the popular: “we are all sinners” statement. Not one of us is perfect.
So did he fail in his task then?
To err is human.


What would make you think this happened?

God created humankind without sin. After the Fall, we suffered concupiscence, which is a tendency toward sin. We do not have to sin, and being human does not mean we should or will sin. We choose to sin, which is contrary to God’s intention.

You’re right, the more we love-God and neighbor-the less we sin. Fortunately God is patient with us, drawing us into increasing love, increasing justice, without condemning us as we proceed along our "journey to perfection " as the catechism teaches.

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