Accepting Forgiveness?

As I struggle with my mind and words. This question has come up.
How do we Accept God’s Forgiveness? Really how do we actually do this?

We believe that when we sin, we go to a priest and confess that sin. The priest absolves the sin. Then we accept the forgiveness of God through the priest. We are to sin no more and if we fall we go again to confession. God doesn’t care how many times we go or how many times he will forgive us if we have true contrition. You may be holding on to the sin, you may be holding on to the guilt. Just remember how much God loves you and wants you to be whole again. You cannot be close to Him if you let this come between you and He - you must have nothing before Him. Other posters will explain this better than my attempt. God bless you.

We are born into this type of world not to eliminate sin altogether because this type of notion is not realistic. If we are to eliminate sin it is the mortal sins that we need to avoid. Venial sins are not as serious and we need to cope with them all of our life. The key in addressing venial sins is precisely to know the knowledge of them. Therefore it is good and even more beneficial to find out what venial sins you are committing. A knowledge of them will give you the better perspective in dealing with them for the rest of your life. Since we commit continuously these type of sins every day than we can always take them to our Lord Jesus. The best antidote to venial sins is of course the Mass or the Divine Liturgy itself. It is there where our Lord Jesus Christ can take all of our venial sins to be cleansed by His own Blood, His own Sacrifice. The Holy Eucharist was ordained to take away all of our venial sins. However this may be it is always good to know what these actual sins are. Here the Confessional is a great means for someone to come to know what these sins are and to bring them into the representative that Jesus has there (the priest) so that assurance of forgiveness and the proper medicines (counsel and advice) may be administered.

The Lord Jesus will always forgive us in the Confessional and at the Mass. Forgiveness is maintained in both of these Sacraments. The problem with some people is the doubt they may have in Jesus unfailing love. This lack of trust can present more problems than you actual sins do. When an elderly sister commented to St. Maria Faustina of her own doubts of the forgiveness of God in the Confessional, she always refer to it as a lack of peace. That night the Lord Jesus gave this message to Maria. “Tell this sister that her own lack of belief wounds My Heart more than her own sins.” Maria relayed this to the sister who then cried out in relief. Why do people doubt? If God is to pour out His love to you and you begin to doubt than the problem cannot be God’s but yours. You accept that God loves you and cherishes you above anything else. Then treat this same God with the same respect and love He is offering to you. You accept that His Forgiveness is there because one He told you so and second His Mercy is greater than all of the sins in the world and thirdly if you doubt than you have not offered Him what He desires from you which is your love. Doubts only come from people (who are faithful Christians) when they are expecting punishment. Jesus is saying that in Him is no doubts at all and no punishment to be given. All has been taken care of by Him. Love is the primary motivation that draws away any fear. Learn to express that love to Him.

Thru faith in his words, “I absolve you from your sins.”

If he is God and creator, then he has the right to make it allright.

All we need to do is to believe that when he says it then it all goes away and is rubbed out.

He does not want anyone to go back over those individual forgiven sins for this means we do not believe him since now we are trying to believe he forgave us. Just go forward and do not look back to what he has forgiven.

Just some suggestions.

“Jesus you are the healing, you came to make us whole again.” (hymn)

We must do so very humbly, giving Him thanks and praise. God bless you.

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