Accessing the internet without permission


I'm not sure exactly where to put this question, but I have a concern about how to confess/repent a past action I have been involved with for a few years now.

Basically, back when dailup was installed, my parents would always have to enter a password to access the internet, and this was considered secure enough for them. When we updated to high speed, there was no more need for a password, and fearing that they would not react well to this, I created a program that takes a password and then opens the web browser. This made them believe that I was still unable to access the internet, and I would be "safe".

So for the past few years this has been the case. I use the internet at my leisure but never have told them. I don't do any horrible misdoings or anything with it, I just felt that their restrictions were unnecessary and inhibiting.

With a lot of anxiety building up in myself lately, I've began to view this as a wrongdoing, and I don't know how to resolve it. Is this something that can be resolved only with a confession, or is there some form of restitution, etc., needed to make things right. I don't really know how they would react if I told them, and while part of my wants to, another part wishes to not create a huge issue of this.

If anyone has suggestions for what to do next, I'll be very greatful! :)


It is good that you feel remorse for this and that you want to go to confession.
Having said that, you successfully fooled your parents into a sense of false security.
Even if their restrictions have been too rigid, (and perhaps unrealistic), what you did was still wrong. By telling them of course, may further cement their position on your internet usage.

Ask the priest you confess to how you should approach this.

By the way, welcome to the forums :)


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