Accident - don't know what to do

I had another similar post about a job/money issue … And I didn’t include an important issue that I am stressed about; Fortunately though, I did end up finding two jobs that I am passionate about, so I might just be working both of those jobs at the same time. However, at the moment I don’t have money and I had an auto incident where I back up in a small parking lot and hit a man’s car slightly, leaving a veryyy tiny dent. He didn’t seem to mind, but he did because it was a new car. He was very understanding at the time. Anyway, long story shot I owe him around $870. I explained the situation to him that I would pay him for sure but that I was not working at the moment. At the time, I thought I would have got a job earlier and would be able to just work a lot so that I could pay him and be done with it. He was getting pushy and wanted a specific date in which I could pay him back by. I told him end of August, I believe I said August 30th or August 31. Anyway, the time is near, and I didn’t end up getting a job and a job I did get didn’t pay enough and I also didn’t like it. It’s just been a very stressful time. This man is a doctor, and he had the money to pay for his repair but of course I need to pay him back. I feel bad because I really do want to just pay him back, and he had been understanding at the time. But, now I’m scared if I push it another month or two he will get very mad and not sure what the poloce would do. I had gave him my I.d. Drivers license# (not license plate number) so not sure what he could do with that ? Or if I could get in trouble by the police? I am going to pay him back, and even willing to pay him back more money for waiting, but the problem is I need to start work and have enough time to save it up. I even was trying to sell a diamond watch I had, but no luck getting enough money that I need to pay him. I don’t know what to do. I’m afraid of talking to him, and I just want to email him or leave a message but I don’t have his email. Can someone give me advice??? I have been so stressed over this. Thank you!!!

Your auto insurance is supposed to cover the damage. How is it possible that you owe so much money?

Well, I told him I didn’t want to get the insurance involved because I didn’t want my mom or dad to know about it or have the insurance go up. I didn’t think it was going to be so much! I’m thinking it’s so much because they had to remove something and replace a whole new one, maybe because of the paint also … I don’t know. I’m surprised it’s this much money, but I am taking his word for it. I don’t even care to give him the money, I just don’t have it at the time and that’s why I’m stressed because he got pushy/a little angry the first time I didn’t have it.

You really need to get auto insurance involved. Your premiums might go up, but not $800-worth! Since you don’t have the money and you can’t pay him now, this is really your only option. It’s not fair to the other driver to make him wait any longer to repair his car. He may be a doctor but you don’t know his financial situation.

Are you a minor on your parents’ insurance? If so, tell them you’ll take responsibility for this and pay them back for the premium hike when you get a job. If you’re not on their insurance it might be embarrassing if they find out but fender benders are pretty common and they can’t get too upset.

Our son had a parking lot mishap when he was still a new driver and I don’t recall that our rates increased. We’ve had the insurance with the company for a very long time and have good driving records, so I don’t know if that has anything to do with it. But parking lot incidents are usually very minor and are not rated like they would be if you were in a car crash on the road or highway.

The grown-up thing to do here is to take responsibility for this, tell your parents … and you report it to the insurance company. They will assign an adjuster and that person will handle it for your family.

Also, the insurance company will make sure the repair costs are fair and reasonable.

Let the guy know that you now have two jobs that you like, and that you hope to raise the money you owe very soon. Just be completely honest with him and let him know that you really thought you would be back to work before this.

Meanwhile, give him something as an act of good faith - fifty bucks or something, so that he knows you mean to pay the whole amount back the minute you can. And if you still haven’t got the money together in another month, then give him another fifty bucks, and keep doing that until you get the money together and you can pay him back.

Meanwhile don’t spend anything on anything you don’t need until this is dealt with. If you really want to see someone blow their top and start getting the law involved, buy Christmas presents with the money that was supposed to go to them to repay a debt. :eek:

I backed into someone last year and the insurance took care of it without raising our rates. I was very relieved!

Even minor body work can cost a lot.

How do you know how much you owe him? Did he get an estimate, or better yet 2, for the cost of repairs? I hope you’re not just taking his word for it.

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