Accidental Communion

At Mass today (Latin rite, so receiving kneeling) the priest inadvertently placed two hosts on my tongue. Short of spitting one out, I didn’t really know what to do except swallow both. Since you’re only supposed to receive once per day, except under certain circumstances, I’m a little uncomfortable about this. I know it was accidental but has any sin occurred, in your opinion?

You did not receive twice and you did not commit a sin. Please don’t be scrupulous.

No. You only received once. Don’t be uncomfortable.

  1. you recieved once.
  2. You have either a scruples problem, or a gross misunderstanding of sin and that it dispelases God. You did not displease God.

you’re actually allowed to receive twice in a day, provided the second time is at mass. the first time can be at mass too.

also, it was a mistake on the part of the priest, hardly your fault, no one’s fault really, these things happen

I’ve heard of priests on occasion purposely distributing an extra host to some people, to use them up faster, e.g. if he had too many left over from a special Mass where few people showed up, or something like that. Why would it matter? It is preferable for most of the hosts to be consecrated and distributed at the same Mass; and apart from another miracle, the accidents will go stale at some point.

A mistake? More likely two hosts just stuck together, and the thinner the hosts, the more likely this can happen.

Do you think the priest sinned? Should he go to confession.

If the wholeness of Christ’s body, soul and divinity are present in either species of the Eucharist, and you receive that same wholeness of body, soul and divinity whether you receive a large host, a speck of a host, a drop of wine, or a cupful of wine, then there is no difference in receiving one host or several in any one act of receiving the Eucharist.

You cannot receive either more nor less of Christ based on the amount of the accidents.

That is just what I was going to comment on - whether you receive one-half host or two separate hosts or one host at a single communion - it seems you would be receiving Jesus Christ - body and blood, soul and divinity in His entirety at that moment of reception - not more or less.

No, no sin occurred.

That is not considered receiving Communion twice, because it was in the same liturgical act. It would be similar to receiving the Body and the Precious Blood at the same Mass, when that is done.

(Anyway, we are allowed to receive Communion up to twice in one day, so long as one of these times is at Mass.)

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