Accidental Delicious Discoveries


Tell us about something you put together on a whim that turned out to be delicious!

Last week I tried a recipe that I found online for baked ziti, using sour cream instead of ricotta. The picture in the blog was beautiful, all creamy and delicious-looking. Mine did not look like that. My sour cream curdled, and ended up just like ricotta. Tasted like ricotta, too.

I still wanted to know what the original would have been like. Tonight, I had plain old spaghetti and sauce for dinner, and I plopped a spoonful of sour cream on top. OH MY GOODNESS, it was delicious! I may always have to serve sour cream with the spaghetti now.




Hot coffee (fresh-ground espresso), no milk or sugar, poured into a balloon glass, some (read: a lot of :p) vanilla ice-cream on it, whipped cream on the ice-cream. Eat with a spoon.


I found a recipe in one of my mom’s older cookbooks for a smoothie and I asked her if she’d make one for me. I’ve been having them ever since. They’re called Banana Cows. In a blender, combine ice, a banana, honey, vanilla extract, and about a cup or two of milk. They’re so so good. :slight_smile:


That sounds amazing. :heart:


Cucumber slices sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar…I know…but they are really good. They don’t keep very well, so just make what you are going to eat at one sitting. ::thumbsup:


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