Accidental first confession


I’m in RCIA. I wrote the priest and said I wanted to go to confession, but I wasn’t sure when it would be allowed and asked advice for when I can go. He then replied and said we should meet.

I go to meet him, and he starts asking me general questions about my background. Then I realize this is turning into a confession. He tells me it is confidential.

So, I wasn’t really prepared. I thought it might happen, but I didn’t think to ask. I’m very shy and nervous. I didn’t say any of the words you are supposed to say, and I didn’t get a chance to talk about any other sins. He told me what he wanted me to do to make amends and then all of a sudden his hand was on my head saying the words of absolution.

But backing up, after I confess the thing that was most awful, he asks me if I did this to anybody else. I got caught off guard. I answered no which I knew wasn’t true. I thought I only had to tell him about things that happened after my baptism. I did this thing to somebody else before my baptism. I would have told him if it had happened after my baptism. I feel so dumb now.

So now I’m really worried that I committed sacrilege and that I have to reconfess everything again. I didn’t feel any different after the confession. I wasn’t trying to lie, but I did. It was happening so fast, and I didn’t think to ask him if I had to talk about previously forgiven sins. I would have told him about it if I had thought to ask that question, and if he had said yes. I just didn’t know what to do, and everything was just happening all at once.

Anyway, so was this confession totally null and void because of the lie? Do I have to reconfess everything? Trying to be Catholic is hard. :blush:


Any sins before baptism were completely forgiven at your baptism. They don’t need to be confessed again. Don’t worry, you are fine.


You mention your in RCIA - one goes to confession prior to ones reception into the Church (though the exact timing is not stated-your Priest can guide you here–normally happens just prior). This matter can be best discussed in confession. Remind him first your in RCIA…

Prepare first. Remember one must confess all post-baptismal mortal sins in number and kind (murder 3x, adultery 2x, fornication 2x, lustful thoughts I do not know how many but many times).

Know that Jesus of Nazareth loves you and knows your seeking to follow him and learning as you go.


I’m sorry. I don’t understand this answer. I already went. I am wondering if I messed it up and need to redo it? :shrug:


You didn’t mess up. The poster is just pointing out some advice for next time.

And yes, the sins you committed before Baptism were absolved away by your Baptism.

You didn’t mess up.

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