Accidental Previous Usage of Google Maps Imagery


Previously unbeknownst to me, sharing Google Maps imagery is forbidden. I did not know this until today, unfortunately.

In the past I have posted cropped pictures of Google Maps imagery on other forums, to ask questions. I had to upload these now edited images to, an image hosting website, to post them on the forum.

I cannot take them down, unfortunately, since I didn’t have an account there when I posted them. I have requested that the forum moderators take down the images from my post, but I cannot get rid of them from the image hosting website, imgur. Did I sin? As I have said previously, I did not know that you weren’t supposed to take Google Images pictures and share them (at least that’s what I got from the confusing terms when I read them today). I did not get any note from Google, telling me to take the images down, but I feel very guilty. What should I do?

Edit: I just discovered the website, , has a removal request place. I put the images addresses in there, and requested they remove the images. I hope that they do so. I don’t want to have these images around, they make me feel guilty. :crying:


In my opinion, this is such a small transgression that it would not be sinful even if you did it deliberately. As it is, you did it without knowing.

(You have done nothing to Google, you have stolen nothing, and since links to Google maps are shareable, you have not even done anything appreciably different from something perfectly legal. Anyway, the rule is doubtless intended for commercial distribution, which would require a license—and that is not your case.)

Hence, I wouldn’t worry about it, and you have done much more than you were required to by asking to take down the images.


Posting here seems to be accelerating your scrupulous thoughts and anxiety based on your increasing number of posts asking “is this a sin” and focus on trivial and accidental happenings.

You need to address this with your pastor and a mental health professional NOW. You cannot go around with anxiety and guilt over every little thing you do or don’t do.

Please make an appointment with your pastor…


THIS^^^. Times a hundred.
Every day you get the same advice.
When are you going to take it to heart?


I’m not that anxious, actually. It’s more like this: I often stumble upon things which disturb me (such as the Google terms of service). This causes me to get a bit worried. Most of the time, I am not worrying, rather, wondering.


No. Not buying it. Either you are trolling or you don’t realize how you sound/appear to others.
Wondering is casual. Your posts with the many exclamation points and ALL CAPS in your sentences tell a very different story.
And the crying smilie doesn’t help.


You don’t have to take any advice. It’s offered with the best of intentions.
I myself, am going to stop reading. :cool:


I’m confused. Where do I use all capitals, and lots of exclamation points? :confused: I do admit I have trouble wording things I say, but I am in no way trying to troll. I am sorry if I have offended you, or others. I often feel I give people the wrong impression by the way I word things, both online, and in the real world.

I thank you for the advice, but I don’t think it really applies to me. :shrug:

As a matter of fact, I have been less anxious than ever, ever since I have felt drawn towards God. I used to be very OCD, but now it has fizzled away, because I know God loves us all.


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