accidentally broke fasting before mass

I accidentally ate some pieces of candy without thinking, should I not take the communion mass? I ate the candies maybe 2 hours before mass starts :frowning:

What ??? What kind of question is that?

I’m tired of seeing Moral Theology getting filled with useless threads like “I ate a cookie am I going to hell” or “Is it sinful to open a window?”. Really ???

Just live your life the way you deem fit !!!. It seems that being a catholic for you is making your life more stressful than it should.

Are you Latin rite Catholic? The fast is one hour before communion, not 1-2 hours before mass starts.


Many people who suffer scrupulosity come here.

If you cannot have charity in your heart for them, please do not read or comment on their posts.

The fast is 1 hour before receiving. If you ate the candy more than 1 hour before time for communion, you may receive. If not, simply stay in your pew. Sounds like you at it several hours before mass, so no problem.

What made you think you broke the fast? Perhaps you have some misinformation about how long we are to fast?

As another poster mentioned, this assumes you are a Latin Rite Catholic. Eastern Catholics have different fasting rules.

The OP is a learning Catholic. please, lets be charitable.

ZoonCorp worries : "I accidentally ate some pieces of candy without thinking, should I not take the communion [at] mass?"

Hmm, first, if there is EVER any reason you worry about taking Communion at a Mass, then do NOT take Communion.
Just go up and receive your Blessing.
When in doubt, err on the side of being conservative.
This will prevent any guilt in the future about possible improper actions.

The Bible speaks of a person at the Altar, ready to make his gift offering.
If you have a “fight” going on with someone, leave your gift at the Altar, go and resolve that problem … THEN, return to the Altar.
So, I would liken your candy-issue with this Bible story : When in doubt … Don’t.

Others have offered the “Legal” issues.
Knowing that it WAS “Legal” to take Communion, has hopefully made you feel better.
People are imperfect. We all mess-up every day.

So, if you actually had violated Church policy about this … you can Heartily offer this up at your next Confession.
God cuts us Christians a lot of Slack. Or, as I have heard from Protestants: " We are not perfect, just forgiven." (ha ha, pretty True)
It can work for us too.

Could you have been a tad more charitable in your response?

The fasting protocol is for 1 hour before reception of communion.

If he can’t survive through the day without feeling guilty over trivial things, than that’s considered pathology. Seeing a doctor would be a start.

Thank you for your replies! I thought it was *three *hours before communion.

Three hours is a former standard:

Communion - Dispositions to Receive [on, by Colin B. Donovan, STL]

Until the pontificate of Pope Pius XII the Eucharistic fast was from midnight. Pope Pius reduced it to three hours, and after Vatican II, Pope Paul VI reduced it to one hour.

As it so happens, there’s also a new Ask the Apologist question about a related issue. It may pertain to your situation if you thought that an older rule was in place for an “older” form of the Mass:

Communion Fast when attending Extraordinary Form of Mass?

From the sound of it, sometimes you’re just going to find yourself doubting whether you ought to receive or not.

It’s too bad, and it’s true that you may suffer from scrupulosity and could use a counselor. But remember: you can always go up and get a blessing. Just cross your arms over your chest.

The fast is one hour.

You did this by accident.

You’re fine.


As others have pointed out, the fast is 1 hour…

I wouldn’t post another affirmative response just to verify that, but I did want to commend you for diligence in trying to observe the requirements for worthy reception of Holy Communion (your subsequent responses reveal that this wasn’t a case of over-scrupulosity, but rather an honest misunderstanding).

There are so many people who have no problem defiling the Lord by placing Him inside an utterly unworthy vessel (their bodies): not only do they show up immediately after having a healthy meal (well within the hour fast), but they have no problem doing so while in a state of utter mortal sin. Simply compare the lines for Confession on Saturday with the lines for Communion on Sunday. Either the greatest collection of saints in the world or a collection of people who don’t care waste their time with confession.

Like I say, it’s very refreshing seeing a person who wishes to be a worthy vessel for Our Lord. :thumbsup:

Some parishes (mine) discourage this practice as we all receive a blessing at the end of mass.

Physician, heal thyself. Why you feel a pathological need to jump all over someone who is just trying to be reverent, or someone who may have real issues with scrupulosity, I can’t fathom.

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