Accidentally Brought Pocket Knife Into Church


Last Sunday, and the Sunday before, I accidentally brought my pocket knife (I have a habit of just jamming it into my pocket in the morning, assuming I will use it at one point in the day). Is it a sin to accidentally bring a pocket knife into Mass? Next time, I will try to remember not to bring it to Mass.


I’m not sure why it would be wrong to do it either accidentally *or *knowingly.


We sin when we do something intentionally. “Accidentally” is not “Intentionally.” If you brought it to disrespect God than it is a sin because you attempted to displease God. But I do not see anything bad about bringing a knife to church unless you bring it to use it for evil. If you have children I would strongly advise to leave it at home because they can get cut by it even if it is in your pocket. And when you have it, avoid sitting by young children for the same reason.


There is nothing immoral or illegal about carrying a pocket knife to church.
Just don’t carry it on a commercial flight.


I bring my pocket knife to Church every week. I am an usher, and sometimes I need to use it to open a box or something else. It’s a tool, I don’t have it so I can cut or harm someone.



So long as you’re not intending to misuse the knife you have nothing to worry about. There’s nothing wrong with keeping on knife on you, and many people do it, myself included.


First off, it’s been common for thousands of years to carry a knife everywhere. Eating knives, penknives, work knives… it’s normal. My dad has an itsy bitsy knife on his billfold, for goodness sake! I even have a tiny pocketknife on my keyring! Tools are useful. To paraphrase what Sam says about rope in Lord of the Rings - if you don’t have one and you need one in an emergency, it’ll be too late to get one.

Second, there is no Church law against weapons in church. Swords on the Knights of Columbus and the Knights of Malta? Not a problem. In fact, there are church ceremonies for the blessing of swords, guns, cannon, and other soldierly weapons.

Now… if local, state, or national law forbids you to bring knives into church, the rule is generally that a good Catholic obeys the law. (There are exceptions for necessity, civil disobedience, just war rebellion or resistance, etc.) Most laws against knives have some kind of length limit that makes pocketknives legal, so you still would probably be in the clear.

But there’s certainly no need to beat yourself up over it, in any case.


Our Sacristan always keep a knife in her purse.
Stop worrying about it.


Why would that be a sin? You use it as a tool, not a weapon, right? No big deal then. I like to leave my lighter in my truck before I go into Mass, but I am more than sure sometimes I forget and take it into church. Is that a sin? Think about it and don’t worry.


It’s almost a sin to spend the precious time God gave us worrying about such things. Relax and enjoy life!


36And He said to them, “But now, whoever has a money belt is to take it along, likewise also a bag, and whoever has no sword is to sell his coat and buy one. Luke 22:36.

No worries…


Thanks everyone for the advice. I guess I don’t need to worry about it at all! I don’t intend to use my pocket knife as a weapon, but rather as a tool for opening boxes, or taking off leaves from trees.


It’s only a sin to bring it on an airplane! :wink:


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One of things to understand about sin, especially in minor matters such as these, is that a lot of what sin is depends on your intention.

There is no sin here as you describe because you obviously didn’t intend harm.

But maybe you need to dress nicer if you’re inclined to put a tool in the same clothes you wear to Mass. :smiley:


Very good!

When I was in grammar school. Sister Mary Francis caught Tommy Sanders carving his name in one of the pews during Mass. She took his pocket knife and told him that he would burn in hell for eternity for bringing a pocket knife into Church and desecrating the house of God.

Don’t fool around with your immortal soul. Get to Confession and tell Father that you brought a pocket knife into Church and that Sister Mary Francis said you would go to hell.


It is IMPOSSIBLE to sin accidentally.


I conceal carry a S&W 9mm most of the time. I wear it to Mass. So do most cops. I guess your only sin would be the old bringing a knife to a gunfight…

Unless you think I am a mortal sinner deserving of hell for my constitutional right?

It is noted that for the better part of history people brought weapons to Mass. Including present day soldiers.

Why do you carry a pocketknife as a weapon anyway? Shouldn’t it be more of a tool?



My knife is on my key-chain and is always with me. There is no prohibition against carrying a pocket-knife in church. Out here everyone has a knife with them all the time. Where do you live, back east or the left coast or someplace like that?

Don’t let the idiotic politically correct secular culture corrupt your natural wisdom, which comes from God.


Did you ever see the pigstickers the KofC carry at Mass? Those things ARE weapons, by design.

And don’t the Swiss Guards carry their honkin’ big halberds during papal Masses?

So, the li’l Tom Mix penknife in your pocket is no more an issue than a screwdriver.*

*Unless you are talking about the vodka and OJ variety: leave that home. :thumbsup:

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