"accidentally" got a bit drunk


So last night I went out to a club with a friend with no intention to get drunk for the whole of the night. I ate a lot that day and making my drinks really far apart from each other. I misjudged by one drink and felt quite light-headed and was chatting rubbish for quite some time hugging my friends a lot.
I’m going to go to confession anyway for my conscience sake and so I’m definitely not in a state of mortal sin.
But would this even constitute a mortal sin because I didn’t have the intention to get drunk? Literally just one extra drink was overkill for me :blush:


Why don’t you ask your confessor?


St. Thomas Aquinas said

…he that is drunk is excused if he knows not the strength of the wine

and I think this would apply in your case, since you didn’t think it would make you drunk.


Here’s the source for that.


Are you asking if getting drunk was a mortal sin or if the chatting rubbish was? :rolleyes:

You know that too many drinks leads to drunkeness. Are you saying that before the last drink you were perfectly sober and the last one made you drunk? No matter how you look at it, the choice to drink was yours, whether you had that “intention” or not. (Do you at other times **plan ahead **on getting drunk? :confused:) It sounds like you are splitting hairs here about whether you intended to get drunk or not.

I will give you that I don’t think you would be held accountable for the “chatting rubbish,” which was perhaps gossip, as you were in an altered state.

But the bottom line is that you are responsible for your actions. And for the embarrassing consequences. (“I love you man! You are the best friend in the world!”)


Drinking isn’t a sin - if you tried to not get drunk and you genuinely misjudged it can’t be more than venial. Just be more careful next time :slight_smile:


What is a mortal sin?

*]Its subject must be a grave (or serious) matter.
*] It must be committed with full knowledge, both of the sin and of the gravity of the offense.
*] It must be committed with deliberate and complete consent, enough for it to have been a personal decision to commit the sin.

What is "grave matter?

  1. Grave matter is specified by the Ten Commandments, corresponding to the answer of Jesus to the rich young man: “Do not kill, Do not commit adultery, Do not steal, Do not bear false witness, Do not defraud, Honor your father and your mother.” The gravity of sins is more or less great: murder is graver than theft. One must also take into account who is wronged: violence against parents is in itself graver than violence against a stranger.



Some of your responses were very good, and of course your confessor would be best.

Perhaps this was a lesson learned and you now know to hold back on too much of alcohol.


How does one accidentally get drunk? The waiter spikes your cola?


You hugged your friends… you sound like some kind of hardcore outlaw… please, calm down, you are not :slight_smile:


I agree. Just don’t imbibe so much again.



There are some on this board, influenced by the Puritan Protestant culture American Catholics often found themselves in, who would suggest that even a slight buzz is grave matter. I think it’s important to keep in mind that Catholic moral manuals define the grave sin of drunkeness as reaching a state where one can no longer discern right from wrong. This is different for everyone.


I agree to a point. The op however judged the alchohol too much. A simple remedy is to take it to a confessor. The part that I don’t understand us the accidentally part… I’ve never accidentally been drunk and in my years working on the bar industry I can’t imagine how one accidentally us at a club, imbibing drinks? I’ve never witnessed that.


I thinks it’s quite easy to get drunk accidentally? Just losing track of the number of drinks, getting caught up in a night? Hoosier Daddy haven’t you ever had that friend who keeps topping up your wine glass at every moment so it’s impossible to keep track? :slight_smile:


No. When I’ve been drunk it was because I knew I was drinking something that would altar my senses. This is especially important to keep track of in a “club” setting like the op mentioned. If the p were female there would be an even larger concern.


There was a poster who judged himself evil for poking a hole in paper when he was frustrated.

There was someone who felt they mortal sinned when they mispoke by accident.

The false narratives that create these judgements are dangerous and why people crumble under the weight of a false religion and leave God behind.


True but there is a difference between the scrupulous who may suffer from an illness to those who just wish to be saints. One we should treat, the other we should encourage .


I fear the line often blurs :frowning:

I would enjoy sainthood.

The difference is I don’t really believ that the state of sinful drunkeness truly exists. Or rather itdoes but it does so at insane levels

I have been drunk to the BAC to kill many (my way younger days). And I have never done anything I morally regret. Not because I lack morals, but because even incoherently insane, morals are morals.

Drunkeness is simply another excuse available for the foolishly evil to do what they want.

And if the person achieved a 1 extra drink buzz and hugged their friends I would say they were not delving into moral debauchery.


Sinfulness from drunkeness does not arise from the deeds you do while drunk. In fact the culpability for those is lessened by the simple fact that one was drunk. The sinfulness in drunkeness comes from the giving up of ones will. The mere fact that you say things and do things that you normally wouldn’t means that you are choosing to impair your free will. That is where the sinfulness comes in. Purposely lessening your prudence.

This is pretty strait foreword.


Yeah, but my point was whether someone is prey to such.

Near occasions of sin and gray area sins and many sins are subject to weakness.

A thief trying not to steal can not stand in a room full of unguarded money…

Perhaps me and you can, me and you perhaps could be in a bank vault with unchecked unlimited guaranteed to get away with it situation…and not take a penny.

Much of human concerns are of their own weakness.

Much of what people preach to others is of the preachers own weakness.

Weakness is questionable in form. True weakness? or Excuses of the evil afraid of getting caught be God?

But I am not advocating the extreme, but commenting on the level I think we can perceive the OP’s “1 extra drink” got them to being loving and kind and hugging friends… Most assuredly not evil :slight_smile:

Also, “things we would not do” can be subjective. There is much I would do sober that I do not because of external forces. Drinks mean I have an excuse…Again my excused behavior is not sinful, but I know full well before I drink what manner of person I will be.

A great example is Christian - Love thy neighbor etc!

okay, right well especially guys are not supposed to show affection except when drunk!

Then “I love you guys!” (hugs) is funny and normal… whereas sober is not so much.


A prudent adult doesn’t get drunk. Part of why this is true is that a prudent adult doesn’t drink to capacity or anything close to it. But part of it is that an adult has experience of his own body’s quirks.

For example, when I was younger, I knew that I should never mix cold or allergy medicine with alcohol. So I prudently didn’t take my allergy medicine when I was going out to have some drinks. What I didn’t realize was that the allergy medicine’s effects would stick around in my particular body, even though the allergy medicine had worn off several hours before I started to drink, and even though I was noshing on plenty of food.

Fortunately, I realized what was happening and stopped drinking. But I managed to get myself tipsy on about a small glass and a half of wine, which is not even near my normal capacity. I had literally never been that close to drunk before, and I’ve never gotten that affected by alcohol since. And if I know I’m going to have alcohol later in the day, I don’t take allergy pills at all.

Yes, there are ways one can accidentally have too much…

So what I would suggest to the OP is to examine what else happened that day. Did you take any medicine earlier? Were you short on sleep? Had you been sick recently? Were you mixing different kinds of drinks of different strengths? Were you drinking caffeinated drinks at the same time you were having alcohol? All these sorts of things can cause alcohol to affect one more than usual.

And yeah, hold back a bit more next time! :slight_smile:

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