Accidentally Receiving Communion

So I recently got Communion at school mass by accident and I did not mean too because I was distracted, sick and was not myself at the time and didn’t notice until I sat down where the choir was. (Note I don’t have my First Communion but I do understand some stuff due to High School Catholic Studies 9 and 10) I was aware I am not in a state of grace but My mind was somewhere else and I did it completely by accident. Would it be considered a sin even though I did not mean for it to happen?

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When you say you have not had your first communion, do you mean you are Catholic but have not received that sacrament yet (in which case if this was the first time you received communion, it WAS your first communion, even if you weren’t ready for it), or that you are NOT Catholic and for whatever reason accidentally ‘took the communion’ without realizing you should not have done so?

If the first, and you were not in a state of grace (meaning you had unconfessed MORTAL sins; unconfessed venial sins would still have you in a state of grace), talk to your priest and arrange with him and your parents for you to receive reconciliation and the Eucharist when everybody has agreed you are ready to do so.

If the second, you did not intentionally ‘take’ communion, knowing that as a non-Catholic you are not allowed to do so, and thus, there is no sin involved, but try not to be distracted again, and since you were feeling sick, be sure to take good care of yourself and be well.


In your shoes I would ask God to forgive me for carelessness, and then mention it at my first Confession even if it isn’t a mortal sin.

Don’t worry. God loves you.



I am a Baptized Catholic and this would be my first communion I was however distracted and not myself and by the time that I sat down it was too late. I am wondering if this would be considered a sin even though I did it by mistake.

Things that we do out of carelessness are generally still at least venial sins because if we had a stronger devotion to God we would have remembered even while sick and distracted.


If it was not intentional, it was not sinful. Since you are a baptized Catholic, the best thing for you to do is go to the priest and tell him exactly what happened, and then do exactly as he says.

God bless you.


That’s actually not true. Negligence that leads to sin is classified as a sin. Is it absolutely terrible? No. But you should want to work hard to purify yourself of it.

From the CCC
1862 One commits venial sin when, in a less serious matter, he does not observe the standard prescribed by the moral law, or when he disobeys the moral law in a grave matter, but without full knowledge or without complete consent.

In this case he would have committed a mortal sin if he deliberately did it, but since he didn’t it’s a stain but not a break. In other words he still has sanctifying grace. He should still confess it because it’s a good thing to do, and resolve to not let sickness get him to do it again.

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I dislike software that becomes HAL9000


God is not waiting around the corner to send you straight to hell. He could do that from where He is if He wanted to.

Go talk to Father. Oh, and do not let your heart be troubled.


Completely by accident? How is that physically possible?


ok, then make the event of sacrament to sober you, to illuminate you, and to change you and your future actions in life

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I have talked to my priest and he has said that he is very happy that I have come to him with humility and accepting my fault. He has stated that since I am apologetic and humble he said that I should be fine. He has also told me that I am invited to attend sacramental preparation classes when I am ready.


Very good to hear. Thanks for letting us know things turned out well with your talk with the priest. God bless you.

I’m glad that you were able to speak to your priest.

But how do you accidentally receive communion?

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Something just took over me and I was sick and distracted so long story short ended up taking communion unintentionally

So, you need a plan to make sure that it doesn’t happen again.

Being so sick that you do things unintentionally means that you are pretty sick.

If you feel that things are “over taking” you, you should probably see a doctor.

If you ingest things accidentally, then you need to make sure you are not risking your health.

I really have no idea still how one can accidentally present oneself for communion and ingest something. It really makes no sense.


I think that very probably, since the OP mentions going back ‘to the choir’, and since in many parishes the default position, especially with teens at Mass, is that ‘at communion everybody comes forward, and just cross your arms if you are not able to receive’; and I can see somebody who has just probably exhausted himself or herself coming to Mass to sing with the choir, probably having taken some strong cough medicine before Mass, maybe in an overheated church, just kind of shuffling along in a fog, distracted by also perhaps things that he or she needed to be doing for school, a report due, various family responsibilities, etc., and so in a moment of auto pilot response just automatically imitating the gesture of the person ahead of him and absent-mindedly consuming the Host.

Right now my nearly 90-year old mom, normally sharp as a tack, is recovering from a garden variety cold (thank you, great-grandson), and she managed to shuffle down and put her phone charger in the refrigerator because she had put the rest of her lunch in there and just on auto pilot did the same thing with the phone charger. Sometimes when one is not feeling well, strange things happen!!


I am a tad confused by this question. I do not know how one could receive communion by accident.

If I ate the last piece of cake by accident and my wife asked where it had gone I don’t think saying I ate it by accident would get me very far.

I think this is another good reason why unless you are going to deliberately receive communion you should stay in your pew and not join the communion line.

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