According to St Bede it was the most famous monastery of British Christianity

St Deiniol

Celebrated on September 11th

This sixth century saint is said to have come from the family of Coel Godebog, a Celtic chieftain from Strathclyde. He was called ‘of the Bangors’ because he founded the monasteries of Bangor Fawr, on the Menai straights and Bangor Iscoed, (Clwyd) on the River Dee. Bede said this was the most famous monastery of British Christianity. It had more than 2,000 monks. Many of them were massacred by Ethlefrith of Northumbria in 615.

A few churches are dedicated to St Deiniol including Bangor, Marchwiail and Worthenbury and Llanfor near Bala.
(from ICN)


I like your posts about holy men and women. Always interested in learning about the Church in England (as opposed to the Church of England!) due to my close ties to the UK.

The statistics now show that 10% of the English are Catholic and more people attend Sunday Mass than do CofE services in England! Quite a statistic.


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