Account: bishop says "You can't be an authentic Catholic and pro-abortion." --As pro-abortion "Catholic" in U.S. takes the public eye

okay but what the person in office does is more important than who they are. they will be gone in a short time but their policies will play on.

what the democrats promote will endanger the salvation of possibly millions with the force-feeding of its hedonistic lifestyle to our young. the equality act will damage the religious community for a long time if the Dems win it all. of course untold millions will die by abortion with the re-exportation of it around the world.

this election is about the salvation of souls.

the Dems are not in line with church teaching and are leading people away from the church with its policies.

do you accept the democrat party line? Biden does. will we allow the Dems to corrupt our youth? that is what this vote is about and you will have to live with your choice.

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… as it did when Trump won. You do know abortion is still quite legal. Abortion is on the decline, but has been for the last 40 years. We are now below 1973 levels for the first time. It is interesting that there is no correlation between the abortion rate and the party in control of the White House. I was rather surprised by that.

what will the rescinding of mexico city policy do for abortion?

I stand by my choice.

Do you accept the republican party line. Are we to allow Trump the corrupt our youth?
You too have to live with your choice.

I can live with mine.

on the church front, it is easy to stand with the republicans

the democrats have taken God out of their platform once before, may God have mercy on the souls of our youth and those leading them astray.

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don’t forget Joe’s history of stretching the truth, do we know what Joe really supports? do we know what we will get with Joe besides abortion, the LGBTQ agenda, identity politics and other anti-church policies.

yes, trump lies but Biden isn’t any better.

vote for the unborn, vote against Biden and the Democrats

his law school lies

his stand on social security

I didn’t vote for Trump in 2016 and I will not vote for him in 2020.

There are others to vote for besides Biden and trump which would not be as damaging to religious life as a vote for a democrat.

I think it’s clear where their priorities are.

He didn’t need your vote then, and he will not need it now.

We need to be brave and take that first step and vote third party. The voting for the lesser of two evils is not enough anymore. We have to break this ridiculously cycle because the Democratic Party and the Republican Party are both useless. Now this is a suggestion only (you choose the party you feel best represents you views and values) but check out the American Solidarity Party. Last election we really had a chance to send a message to the two top parties that both of their candidates were terrible and that both of their platforms were intolerable but unfortunately, we caved in and voted the status quo. Maybe this time we’ll be braver.

Maybe we need to change that and place issues on the ballots too. Florida does it here; why not make it nationwide? Let the people feel like they have some say in matters.

I don’t understand “third party voting”. A third party vote is a vote for Trump. Why would I do that?

Not necessarily…it depends on who the third party is attracting away from the two leading candidates. The Green Party tends to pull some liberal Democrats away from that party but the Solidarity party would tend to pull votes away from the Republicans. Usually, no third party pulls enough votes away from either party to make a difference but that isn’t to say it couldn’t happen in the future if a very strong third party emerged.


If you vote for Trump, Trump’s vote total goes up by 1. If you vote third party, his vote total does not go up at all. Simple mathematics disproves the idea that a third party vote is a vote for Trump.


This is probably accurate…

I disagree. While some positions of the American Solidarity Party are very much in line with the Republicans, they also have a lot of very Democratic-friendly positions. Which is exactly why I think they are in a unique position to succeed compared to the other third parties.

If you replaced “Solidarity party” with “Constitution Party” your statement would be more accurate.

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Why would a third party vote be a vote for Trump and not Biden?

A myth designed to make excuses for abortion. You shouldn’t have bought it. But there’s still time to see the truth.

If what you say was true, no wealthy or middle class women or women with health insurance would have ever had abortions. And no poor woman would have ever failed to have an abortion. Amazing. :roll_eyes:


When you vote for a person you…wait for it…vote for the person and not the party. Libertarians and constitutionalists and prolifers can run within the Republican party. If you vote for a person in any other third party you still vote for that person and they can just as much differ from party lines and ideals in a third party as they can in the Democrat and Republican parties. Our system of government was modeled as a two party majority system for a reason.

Not exactly the greatest places to get information from but The History Channel and Politico drive the point home that is a known fact of history and that is that Washington and many of the framers of the Constitution did not like a two party political election. And as you can see from our current election that both parties suck and yet we have people who identify with one or the other party going to despicable means to get their guy or lady elected. There are other parties in the ring that represent more of peoples wants and needs than the two top parties. Otherwise we should get rid of the party system and strictly let people just run for office.

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