Account: "How do Catholics understand the creation account of Genesis and evolution?"

This is not a game to me. Maybe it is to you. My position on these forums is well known.

Did Eve come from Adam? Why won’t you answer.

I was waiting for you to answer but I see you won’t. So I will.

I have no idea if Genesis is a literal account of creation. It would seem not to be due to the scientific evidence we have indicating a much older earth, and the evidence of evolution. If we take Genesis literally we get into very muddy waters with dogma like original sin. If we take the ancestry lists in the Bible literally we have the same problem. Were humans innocent until a specific historical event in the past? I have no idea. Someday I’d like to ask God.

There you have it. Another victim of scientism

The Magician’s Twin: C.S. Lewis and the Case against Scientism

The Similarity Between Science and Magic

  1. Science as religion

  2. Science as credulity

  3. Science as power

Evolution is an alternative religion

Again, showing your cards way too early.

So are you saying I, StudentMI, a Roman Catholic, am in a state of heresy? Apostasy? Are you judging the state of my soul?

Ah but since you are informing me of the error of my ways re Catholic dogma I am in a state of heresy aren’t I?

No. There is vincible and invincible ignorance.

Look these over carefully. Which ones have you chosen to disregard?

Infallible dogmas of the Catholic Church

  • God keeps all created things in existence.
  • God through His providence protects and guides all that He has created.
  • The first man was created by God.
  • Man consists of two essential parts–a material body and a spiritual soul.
  • The rational soul is per se the essential form of the body.
  • Every human being possesses an individual soul.
  • God has conferred on man a supernatural Destiny.
  • Our first parents, before the Fall, were endowed with sanctifying grace.
  • They were also endowed with donum immortalitatis , i.e., the gift of bodily immortality.
  • Our first parents in paradise sinned grievously through transgression of the Divine probationary commandment.
  • Through the sin our first parents lost sanctifying grace and provoked the anger and the indignation of God.
  • Our first parents became subject to death and to the dominion of the Devil.
  • Adam’s sin is transmitted to his posterity, not by imitation, but by descent.
  • Original sin is transmitted by natural generation.

I’ve chosen to disregard the formatting of that post.

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I disregard none of them. Where did you get that list?

Fundamentals of Catholic Dogmas by Ludwig Ott.

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Thank you. I’ll have to save for that. I did a search and found a list of 255 infallible dogmas.

Yes, they are the one’s. This is a good list to keep. Probably not taught in school. :frowning_face:

I wouldn’t know if it is or not. Never went to a Catholic school. I’m a convert.

Great! …Not taught in RCIA I suppose.

So none. The answer I expected.

Behe vindicated… May 2020

Behe’s first rule of adaptive evolution, break or blunt any functional gene whose loss would increase the number of a species’s offspring.

In laboratory-based experimental evolution of novel phenotypes and the human domestication of crops, the majority of the mutations that lead to adaptation are loss-of-function mutations that impair or eliminate the function of genes rather than gain-of-function mutations that increase or qualitatively alter the function of proteins. Here, I speculate that easier access to loss-of-function mutations has led them to play a major role in the adaptive radiations that occur when populations have access to many unoccupied ecological niches.

(Andrew W. Murray, “Can gene-inactivating mutations lead to evolutionary novelty?Current Biology , 30(10); R465-R471

I’m done with this conversation. buffalo and I had a nice conversation and we ended on a positive note. Not interested in getting in a debate.

How do Catholics understand the creation account of Genesis and evolution?”’’

They’re two distinct topics…

Some Catholics view Genesis’ Creation as both real and as a Metaphor for much of Life…

Evolution? - Theories, plural? Catholics have differing views.

Bottom line? Catholic Teaching does not exclude theories which include God

Catholics are free to reject Darwinism…

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