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Dear any administrator,

Would it be possible to change my name from CRM_Brother to SCSeminarian? I was recently dispensed from my vows, left my Order, and am now studying for the priesthood with my diocese in South Carolina. I don’t want to mislead anyone into thinking that I am still a religious.

God Bless,


You may want to send an pm to the moderator about this.
Best wishes to you, and may God bless you on your way to the priesthood!


In addition to the PM, you may wish to edit your post to remove your full name. Your choice, though.

I’ll be praying for you.



No, there is no way you can change it. As other users pointed out, it would probably be a good idea to remove your full name from your post. :slight_smile:

It may not normally be allowed for account names to be changed, but I have come across at least one instance before. In that case it was similar to my own situation. He had left a religious order and wanted to take the affiliation with the order out of his account name so that there would be no confusion.

Indeed, I know of at least 3 instances where name change happened. In 2 that I know of, the request was quite legitimate and granted. Interestingly enough, in the one case I thought was marginal (I didn’t know the details, but from the public posts, didn’t appear to have much substance), that user was subsequently banned. Not related to the name change, though.

I changed my username a longtime ago. Just PM the moderator and webmaster. They can help you.

Just PM’d a moderator, thanks everyone.


The moderator usually does not allow name changes except in extraordinary cases, and this might qualify. People are generally not supposed to post as clergy or religious order members unless they actually have that status; if he’s no longer a Brother then his username really should change.

PM the mods, and good luck on your new path CRM_Brother. Heaven knows we could use another diocesan priest :slight_smile:


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