Account: the horrible prevalence of lying

This article looks at the moral character of lying.

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I really Ike this article.
I like to think I portray myself as I really am.
But this is the internet.
Im a scared of being doxxed.
I’m here under a pseudonym. I blur minor details of my stories so as not to leave a breadcrumb trail of who I am or where I live.
I’ve seen online doxxing incidences that had real world consequences .

A RL issue I deal with is how straightforward to be when you’re dealing with somebody in a fragile state.
The rates of mental and emotional illness have increased in recent years and as our society moves on, issues of fact vs truth become more pressing.

Activist groups engage in propaganda and gaslighting, but when you’re dealing with a RL person with a RL issue, sometimes you have to speak very carefully , choosing every word carefully for fear of backlash, or pushing them further into the arms of a destructive ideology.

Most people claim to like a straight shooter, but not so much when they’re dealing with an actual straight shooter.


I think it is more difficult to live without lying for people who are very social and talkative,. For people who are more private and mostly listen, it is easier.


Someone recently posted some information that, together with the fact that he uses his actual name as opposed to a pseudonym, made his work address and the name of his wife and children immediately available to all.

I warned him soon after he posted it but he simply ignored the warning.

And one guy in another forum a few years ago said it was impossible to find any info. Well, he was the world’s most obnoxious guy so a couple of us started digging. We ended up with pictures of him in a glam rock band when he was a teenager, his educational info, including his year book photo, his address (including pictures of the inside of his home), who he worked for and a lot more that I think might skip over right now.

It’s all too easy with the barest of info.


To me the key is simply that you aren’t trying to deceive anyone, just protect yourself.

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