Account: Why Saint Clare (Who Lived 800 Years Ago) Became the Patron Saint of Television


One Christmas, Clare was too sick to get out of bed to join her fellow sisters in praying the Divine Office. … When her nuns returned to her bedside, they lamented that she had not been able to join them. She reassured them that she had been given an even greater gift. She had been given a miraculous vision.

“Praise and glory be to our Lord Jesus Christ, the blessed one, my beloved sisters and daughters; for I have not only assisted at all the solemnities of this most holy night, but I have experienced in my soul even greater consolations than those which have been your share; for by the intercession of my father, St. Francis, and through the grace of our Savior Jesus Christ I have been personally present in the church of my venerable father, St. Francis…

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