Accountability Partner??


Howdy !!

I’m WAY Catholic!

My buddy left Catholicism for the United Methodist Church. He did this out of convenience (his wife is Methodist). He was not involved in the Catholic Church at all. He has become very involved in his Methodist Churh.

(I’m actually VERY glad to see that he is reading the bible - even if an altered version - and studying so much.)

He wants the two of us to be ‘accountability partners’.

Does anyone know about this role?
Is this okay for me, as a Catholic, to be/have an ‘accountability partner’?

I kind of feel like i have this relationship between my wife and my priest. I don’t feel an ‘accountability partner’ is something I need, but would like to be there for my friend.

One side effect might be some questions from him about Catholicism. (I’m becoming a very well read apologist :D)
I would LOVE to be there to answer questions that may bring him back to the church.

comments? questions? concerns?



The Pentecostal home study group I was involved in pushed the “accountability partners” thing. Basically, it’s taken from a NT verse (the exact one escapes me now) that says men and women in the body of Christ should hold each other accountable. The purpose was to tell your partner (always the same sex btw) what particular sins you were having problems with, or have them point out when you weren’t acting in a Christlike manner, or have someone to confide personal problems or issues with and get feedback. Things of that nature. They would meet, discuss and then pray about it together.

If you are comfortably discussing very personal issues with someone that isn’t your priest or your spouse, I don’t think there is much harm in it. Personally, I was never that comfortable with it.


I would say go for it! I’m sure you could be a great source of godly wisdom and friendship for this man. In general, I think both of you could be of great support to one another.

There might be a few differences, however. Perhaps, he does not think contraception is bad, what a perfect chance to explain the Church’s teachings on this issue! I’m sure you’ll have a great chance to tell him about the wonderful graces he could receive through the sacraments, Confession in particular because of the very nature of accountability.

The differences might be too great and you two might just spend the whole time debating theology in an aimless manner. If that begins to develop, then perhaps you might want to reevaluate the relationship, but all in all, this is probably a great opportunity to grow in holiness and to give witness to the fullness of Christian truth.


I say go for it. Methodists are close to Catholicism in Liturgical observance and you’ll find most fundamental tenets of faith are similar.

I’ve found some of my best dialogue to be with Protestants, and it’s forced me to be extra well-read in apologetics and Church theology and history. You’ll find yourself growing in faith with inter-denominational dialogue and you can eventually [hopefully] show your friend why the Catholic Church always has the answers…and maybe he’ll come back.


I think it’s a great opportunity for you to show your friend that you support his faith journey, even if you don’t “agree” with him 100%.
Our peer ministers are encouraged to have someone they are accountable to, or even a group of peers that they are comfortable sharing their “warts” with…it really helps keep them on track! They encourage each other to be strong in the Catholic faith, go to confession, receive the Eucharist regularly, etc.

Personally, I do quite well getting over hurdles and obstacles in my life when I have others I am “formally” accountable to that are not my confessor, boss or significant other :wink: .

God bless…

alice c.


Usually you give the other person a list of specific things you want to be held accountable to, whether it’s a sin like drinking too much, or even needing help on not procrastinating, or making sure you are reading your Bible daily (if that’s something you want to do).

It’s nice, and scary, to know there is someone out in the world who you trust enough to confront you on issues. I have one friend who I give a list to every once in a while and she’s Protestant. She would have not issues though if I put on there I wanted to be held accountable for going to confession however often. She would know that it’s important to me and my walk.

I friend of mine in college told me about one of her accountability partners in high school. When ever my friend would go on a date, her friend had premission to ask: where they went, what they did, and for how long. Don’t you wish more high schoolers had that kind of accountability friend? :slight_smile:


My understanding of this practice is to serve as a confessee for a confessor. If the confessor repeats the same thing over and over, that should serve to act as a flag that repentence is not taking place.

I seek to participate in these types of activities, with the hope that I can bring elements of my Catholic Faith to their faith practice. I find that because of a lack of central authority, there is a large emphasis on local determination of practice. Because of this, I find that in this type of activity, I can tweak that practice within that congregation by giving my “accontability partner” things to think about and Scripture to study to try to lead him to a fuller practice of Faith, which sometimes gets passed on to others.

Since I believe the Catholic Faith is the Faith given us by Jesus, I believe that by influencing these local faith practices where I can, I am attempting to bring these people back towards the fullness of Faith to which we are called by God and to which I believe resides in Roman Catholicism.

Good luck. I say go for it and evangelize.

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