Accusations against Catholics "stealing" people from other denominations

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I am having difficulty understanding your post.
However, if Catholics did “steal” people from other denominations, all’s fair in love and the war for souls.
it’s not like “other denominations” haven’t “stolen” their share of Catholics.


Please kindly rephrase. Your statement doesn’t really make much sense.

Stealing them from damnataion isn’t exactly a bad thing.

That said, no, we do not steal them. We do not proselytize. We teach, we live the faith, we show evidence for our beliefs, and we convince people of the Truth of Catholicism. That is not theft, that is conversion.


Agree with @Prodgl

Sorry if I offended some of you.
The priest was scared maybe.

I don’t get the “don’t proselytise” thing. What is the difference between proselytising and evangelising? If we believe that we are the one true Church, why would we not want people to convert, leave their current denominaton and join the one true Church?


In Muslim countries the priest will sometimes discourage open conversion because it will almost always result in the death of the convert and their family.


Of course, if we believe in the Catholic faith, we would seek to covert every single person on earth, as Jesus commanded. Stealing them implies the person has no will of their own or that some underhanded tactic is used to prey on the ignorant.

In my experience, the Catholic Church is the most respectful of potential converts and making sure they are doing it fully informed and of their own free will.


Proselytizing is either taking advantage of a person’s ignorance, or requiring conversion as a means to some other end. Conversion is working with a person so they understand what it is to be Catholic and what Catholicism teaches so they can make an informed decision.


From the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith:

The term proselytism originated in the context of Judaism, in which the term proselyte referred to someone who, coming from the gentiles, had passed into the Chosen People. So too, in the Christian context, the term proselytism was often used as a synonym for missionary activity. More recently, however, the term has taken on a negative connotation, to mean the promotion of a religion by using means, and for motives, contrary to the spirit of the Gospel; that is, which do not safeguard the freedom and dignity of the human person. It is in this sense that the term proselytism is understood in the context of the ecumenical movement: cf. The Joint Working Group between the Catholic Church and the World Council of Churches, “The Challenge of Proselytism and the Calling to Common Witness” (1995).

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@genesis true what you say…even makes candidates impation

Think i caused sin with what i posted.
Should i confess it.
Please,how to delete it?

Why did you change the title and entire opening text? Your question was just fine, and is a question plenty of people have asked. No sin on your part, you’re just looking for answers.

What is this thread about? It’s so confusing. :thinking:

And the Rosary enters into this how?

I see no sin. Only curiosity and answers.

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Is curiosity sin?

Of course not, why would it be? God gave us naturally inquisitive minds.

I think stealing folks from other religions would be like what some Protestant non-denoms do. They specifically go to Catholic countries down in South America or the various islands in the Caribbean and give help to the folks down there but also set up churches also. I would much rather them go to China or some non-Christian countries and convert there. But no already Catholic countries. Maybe I’m being too suspicious here but I always got the feeling that they are trading food for going to Church.

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