Ace of Cakes or Cake Boss?

I know it’s fluff but…

Ace of Cakes for sure. I don’t like the yelling I see in the Cake Boss commercials. I will admit that I’ve never seen Cake Boss, though, so the commercials may be misleading.

I just like how Ace of Cakes is this fun group of people that love what they do, are laid back about doing it, and deliver products that are amazing. Plus, I like the personalities of each of the employees. From Mary Alice’s humor to Jeff’s drull wit. They just make me sit back and enjoy the 30 off minutes of television watching. So they have my vote!

I love Cake Boss! Buddy is awesome! I like how the sisters and Momma react sometimes. Very funny.

Ace of Cakes, no contest. Partly because of the creativity, partly because of the determination of those young people no matter what challenge they get, and partly because of the personalities, as someone else mentioned. It’s refreshing to see a bunch of friends working together, having fun, being goofy and still being successful.

I want one of those asymetrical leaning polka dot cakes that looks like it came from Whoville.


The only thing fluffy about those shows is the butter cream OK?:p:D

I love both, they’re very different shows really.

Ace of Cakes. :cake:

The Rosary Army (“The Catholic Next Door” show) interviewed Duff Goldman, chef of Ace of Cakes on their Catholic podcast.

You can listen here:


Duff and crew are certainly better artists than Buddy and his crew. No comparison there. Buddy’s cakes are nice for sure but Duff’s are in another category.

I’d love to get a cake from Duff one day. Minimum order is $1000 though so I will have to save up.:wink:

I am not sure I could tell which is which, or even if I am thinking of the right shows? :whacky: :stuck_out_tongue: Are these both different from the one where there is a challenge/contest every week?

I do like Buddy (the Cake Boss?).

But what I really wish is that these shows would take the word *cake *out of their titles and replace it with *edible sculptures *-- wrapping fondant around a rice krispie treat construction does not turn it into cake – It may be artistic, it may be tasty, but it is not cake. :nope: :cake:

Who only sees these shows because his bride makes him watch
That is his story and he is sticking to it :stuck_out_tongue:

Ace of Cakes. Duff rules the bakery!

Ace. Of. Cakes.


Duff, hands down.

“I’m a Jew with a positive outlook on pork.” :eek:

I can’t believe he actually said that on TV.

I haven’t seen Cake Boss, but I looove Ace of Cakes. Duff is awesome. c:

My dream is an internship at Charm City Cakes! I’d love to meet Duff and his crew… I’d love to be one of Duff’s crew!

Cake boss.


Duff is fun, but Mary Alice is the star of the show. She could make a show about toast entertaining.

Ace of Cakes. I think Duff’s cakes are cleaner, more intense and creative. he absolutely has a group of artists and sculptors.

Cake Boss is Italians arguing about cake. How could anyone not like that?

I’m partial to WEtv’s Amazing Cakes.

Ace of Cakes = better looking cakes
Cake Boss = uglier cakes but more entertaining

i guess i would have to vote for Cake Boss. Buddy is funny although at times can be annoying.

i don’t think i could ever eat one of the cakes. it is fun to watch them create their cakes from the designs, but i get tired of seeing so much fondant!! i have heard that you should really remove the fondant before eating the cake.

i would never pay $1000 for a cake!

i have seen Ace of Cakes a few times, but it must not have made an impression on me because i don’t watch it.

does it bother anyone else that they don’t wear gloves on their hands while decorating the cake. it will make me think twice before eating a cake at a wedding or if the cake has been ordered and doesn’t have a buttercream frosting.

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