Achbp Marini Talks Liturgy

A recent interview with Archbishop Piero Marini ( papal liturgist) has some very interesting comments on litrugy. Some excerpts:

“And then we must, first of all, understand that the liturgy is a sign of unity** and that, as Pope Paul VI said: 'The Church is not that of the past or of the future, but of the present, for which we must accept the Church living today. That is not a question of liberalizing the Missal or something else, it is just a question of accepting the Church of today, period. To be clear, I refer to the history of the Tridentine rite”.

“The Tridentine rite or that of Saint Pius V, which in reality is the Missale Romanum aggiornato according to the last dispositions of 1962 by the work of John XXIII, was left in place under certain conditions to avoid a traumatic passage from the old rite to the new for the older faithful. Afterwards, pope Wojtyla allowed that, in certain churches, the rite of Saint Pius V could be celebrated. But to walk beyond this is to walk beyond the Church, and that cannot be done. If the liturgy is a sign of unity for the Church, I cannot establish groups of faithful who at a certain day and at a certain time pray in one way, then another group who in another time pray otherwise. And then we come to the Lefebvrists”

and speaking of the SSPX:

“Some years ago, they came to greet me and I received them. One of them spoke and said: ‘Your Excelency, the new rite is a heresy.’ ‘Why?,’ I asked: 'because – that Lefebvrist told me – ‘in the old rite the celebrant kneeled, worship the Host, lifted himself, showed it to the faithful and then kneeled again to worship it.’ ‘Ah – said I – and now?’ ‘And now this is a heresy because the celebrant only kneels after the ostension, in reality asking first for the consentment of the community before proceeding to the consecration.’”

And then what did you do?

“What did I do? Well, we simply wished to abolish a duplicate and he talks to me about heresy? ‘Here, this is my phone number,’ I told him, ‘when you have a need, call me’.”


Have you seen the liturgies that Marini had cooked up for John Paul II? He’s the last person that should be talking about the liturgy with a straight face.

And luckily, it looks like those days of creativity are almost over:

I think he makes some valid points though. To call the new rite “heresy” is to spit in the face of Holy Mother Church.

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