Aches & Pains Index


The weather channel describes their Aches & Pains Index as follows.

Aches & Pains Index

This index forecasts the potential for weather-related aches and pains, especially in people with chronic health conditions (such as migraines or arthritis) that might make them sensitive to changes in weather conditions. “10” represents the highest risk of weather-related aches and pains. “1” represents the lowest risk.

The Aches & Pains Index is calculated using barometric pressure, absolute humidity, chance of precipitation, temperature and wind. Areas of quiet, dry weather during warmer times of the year are generally associated with lower levels of aches and pains. Approaching areas of low pressure or strong frontal systems, both leading to stormy weather, may cause higher levels of aches and pains.

The scale for the Aches & Pains Index is: Very High (9, 10), High (7, 8), Moderate (5, 6), Low (3, 4), Minimal (1, 2)

If you have ever been to the doctor for pain he/she might have had you view a chart of expressive faces asking you to choose which one depicted the degree of pain you might be experiencing.

Heavily viewed economic growth charts indicate financial profits and losses.

Have we turned into a culture that is more likely to measure the cost or pain of what we experience?
Has the daily grind turned into a great measure of aches, pain, gains and losses and should we allow so much of our time to hinge on these feelings and things?
Jesus Christ has come to us at what cost to any of us? How much do we stand to gain?


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