ACLU attacks US Catholic hospitals, saying 'health care' is restricted [CWN]

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has launched a campaign against Catholic hospitals, charging that the health of patients-- especially women-- may be endangered by the US …


I work in a Catholic hospital (non-patient care).

Honestly, these people who want to impose their beliefs should just go fund their own hospitals.

The reason that there are so many Catholic hospitals in areas where there is “no other choice” is because it is one of the principles of Catholic morality to do corporal acts of mercy, including care for the sick.

Can’t afford your health care? In the old days, they used to mark such patients as “ODL”, which stands for “Our dear Lord’s”. Nowadays, there’s charity care, where people’s resources are reviewed and some percentage (even up to 100%) is written off as charity.

Let those who want hospitals to murder some of their patients and perform unnecessary surgeries (tubal ligation is never necessary) fund their own hospitals–but I guess there’s no profit in that, so they’d rather tell other people to shelve their morals and live according to theirs. (And what government funding are they speaking of, unless they mean that we accept patients whose coverage is Medicare and/or Medicaid?)

Watch what you wish for you just might get it.

“Noting that Catholic institutions account for one of every six hospital beds”

So a 17% reduction in hospital availability is their answer?

“the ACLU remarks that Catholic institutions are generally forbidden”

So we can choose to murder an innocent baby in the womb, but when we choose not to perform an abortion it is because we are forbidden to do the abortion. What do they think I am so stupid that I only believe murder is wrong because I am forbidden to do so?

Man I am tired of people only wanting what they want and not looking at the bigger picture.

Sorry for the rant, having a bad day. :frowning:

The ACLU is an evil organization … Plain and simple

The beauty of America is that women are able to use any hospital that they wish. Therefore, there is no problem and no need for any law suit.

Catholic hospitals don’t restrict healthcare. They won’t kill unborn babies, and they won’t kill patients on request, but that’s not healthcare.

Just a week ago Vice did a story on Catholic hospitals. The seemed to .ore emphasis on the unavailability of birth control and related procedures.

I fail to see how that’s the Catholic hospital’s problem. The fact is that there are other area hospitals

If you simply Google “redding ca hospitals” you will see that there are at least 2 other hospitals in Redding, CA.

Why don’t the others offer maternity? Why is it the Catholic hospital’s fault that the two other hospitals don’t offer such a standard hospital service such as maternity?

Furthermore, why is it that the hospital that provides the most service in the county is 69 miles away, in the less populated area of Fall River Mills, CA?

How is any of this the Catholic Church or Catholic Hospital’s fault?

Finally, why did the Doctor say he/she could do the procedure in the first place? Did the doctor know the birth was going to take place at a Catholic hospital? If so, that is 100% the doctor’s error. Or did the doctor think she was going to the hospital in Fall River Mills?

Again, none of this is the Catholic Church or Catholic Hospital’s fault or problem. Why not sue the other two hospitals in Redding, CA for not offering maternity services?!?!

I love how they put moral reasons in scare quotes. Is morality so disdained that the only moral convictions one is allowed to have are the ones that agree with whomever is examining them?

What disease or medical condition would a tubal ligation treat? Why is this essential medical care?

Pregnancy is not a disease.

Agreed. This is just getting out of hand.

How can the ACLU force the Catholic hospital to perform the service, but not force the other 2 local hospitals to have maternity care. They act like it is an all or none.

As for the Doctor if he is only affiliated with the Catholic hospital I think they should fire him. They even stated he had been denied dozens of times in the past. Doesn’t he even know the rules of his place of employment?

From what I understand, many hospitals have stopped providing maternity services, because of the high liability costs, or a low birth rate in the immediate environment, or the preference many mothers now have for a “spa-like” atmosphere that they don’t find to be cost-effective to provide. So they simply shut the service down. But of course, only Catholic hospitals are blamed for not providing “all” services.

As to the supposed “medically necessary” abortion; the only argument that might make sense, is a preterm labor that has gone on so long, that the mother is at high risk of a serious infection, including sepsis, that can kill her, even if she gets antibiotics. But AFAIK, Catholic hospitals would not be opposed to inducing labor in a borderline case (GA in 20-22 week range), where a baby does have a chance to survive, even if the risk of death is higher than 50-50.

However, I’ve also heard that some OBs actually recommend abortion in cases of very preterm labor for more selfish reasons. Yes, direct abortion, NOT letting the birth go on and taking the risk of the baby not surviving, because they fear the liability. Better to just dismember the baby with the mothers’ consent, then she can never sue you for the baby’s death, since she consented to it. And she certainly won’t sue you to cover the costs for caring for a severely disabled child for the rest of the child’s life.

ETA: I actually know of a case in which a woman in such a situation, preterm labor with risk of sepsis, was offered an “elective termination”, that she refused. The baby was born, and did survive, as did the mother.

Again, none of this is the Catholic Church or Catholic Hospital’s fault or problem. Why not sue the other two hospitals in Redding, CA for not offering maternity services?!?!

Because this is obviously about more than just ensuring the availability of maternity services. Much as the contraception mandate is about more than providing women with free birth control. (Considering how a woman could, with a prescription, get OCPs for just 4 dollars a month at Walmart, Target, and most other major pharmacy chains. And some “women’s groups” are even proposing that OCPs be made available WITHOUT a prescription!)

:blush:I am computer dumb so I don’t know how to make a link. Anyway there is an article about this in the NY Post today on the opinion page that is very good.

Cool, I read that opinion piece and came here to link it, and here is your post about the same article! Here is the link to an excellent piece.

The author discusses statistics, aspects of Catholic care, some history, and Catholic thinking.

I think I know which article you are talking about, I saw it today as well:

EDIT: Beat to it by above poster.

I don’t think that most non-Catholics are familiar with morality as taught under Catholicism. It’s not something that is taught as a part of primary education or a part of the news stories. At best I think some may understand that there are things that are forbidden (ex:use of contraception) but there is not necessarily an understanding of why it is forbidden which may make it come across as arbitrary or unfair to people on the outside looking in.

I read the NYP article. Note that the author is an actual physician. I think this point is certainly important:

Besides the hypocrisy of claiming to stand for civil liberties while disdaining the conscience rights of health providers, the ACLU doesn’t seem to understand that the government supports the efforts of religious institutions in charity and hospitals because they are cost-effective and successful.

The ACLU acts as though there are hundreds of strictly secular, ACLU-thought-compliant institutions waiting to step in and give the sick the top-notch compassionate care they are getting at all these Catholic hospitals.

That’s simply not true. If Catholic hospitals and charities are forced out of helping the sick and poor by actors like the ACLU, it will be the sick and poor who lose.

Many Catholic hospitals are “safety net” hospitals, serving those who have nowhere else to go. They also provide services, such as perinatal hospice, that are actually NOT provided at many secular hospitals. I have even read stories about women who were “fired” by their OBs because they refused to abort when given certain pre-natal diagnoses. When was the last time the ACLU expressed outrage at those doctors for their refusal to provide care?

So, rather than blast Catholic hospitals and make them out to be villains, perhaps they should spend some time understanding why the Catholic church opposes such things. Articles like this are so one sided, it can hardly be called journalism.

I wonder if the ACLU is attacking Catholic hospitals in retaliation for all the red states defunding Planned Parenthood? :shrug:

Exactly. And I’m still struggling to figure out what they’re talking about when they say “government funded” because if they’re talking about the payments from Medicare and/or Medicaid (federal and state, respectively), that’s not “funding” in any standard understanding of the term–it’s payment for services which have been rendered to a patient. Since we don’t talk about hospitals being “funded” by BCBS, UHC, Coventry, Aetna, et al, it doesn’t seem appropriate to say that they are funded by the government, either.

It’s a war of attrition.

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