ACLU sues HHS over exemption granted to USCCB


The American Civil Liberties Union has filed suit against the US Department of Health and Human Services for exempting the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and its subgrantees from offering abortion and contraception to unaccompanied immigrant minors in their care.

The USCCB “explicitly prohibits [subgrantees] from providing, referring, encouraging, or in any way facilitating access to contraceptives and abortion services,” the ACLU stated in its complaint.

The administration’s “decision to authorize this religiously motivated denial of services has extraordinary consequences for the vulnerable unaccompanied immigrant minor population,” the ACLU alleged.


Abortion and contraception are sacred secular sacraments, held dear by the ACLU, and also by this administration. I’m sure they would love to force all Catholic institutions to participate in them if they could get away with it.


Everytime the ACLU does things like this… it causes me to sin. AKA - it makes me want punch the ACLU kids handing out their propaganda on the streets.

Great… now I have to go to confession again… :mad:


Evidently the ACLU finds “religious motivations” to be a bad thing.


That whole freedom of religion thing is overrated anyway…


And to think I was taught in middle school that the ACLU supported freedom of religion. But I guess they only support religious freedom when it comes to mundane matters such as pledging allegiance to the flag or not.

Anyway, considering their prior history of supporting the Tinkers (JWs who refused to recite the Pledge) and others who ran afoul of the government due to their religious beliefs, I’ve tended to ignore accusations that the ACLU and similar groups are actually anti-religion, but I’m starting to think it may be true, perhaps not of the ACLU of the 1960s, but the ACLU of the 2010s.

Didn’t they also specifically express opposition to “religiously motivated denial of services” (as opposed to denial for secular reasons such as lack of funds or risk of legal liability) when they sued the Catholic hospital in California for refusing to perform abortions? A suit that got quickly thrown out. Hopefully this will be true of this case, too.


The ACLU wants to force the Catholic Church to submit to liberal tyranny. I am totally against them now. They are in favor of violating religious freedom. I wouldn’t be surprised if the KGB influenced the ACLU.

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