ACLU sues Sabine Parish School Board for alleged religious harassment of student


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If the tests used in the filing here and here are any example of what is taught at a sixth grade level then the Sabine public school system is even worse than I thought. Forget having to deal with a little anti-Buddhist sentiment, the biggest problem with sending your children to public school in Louisiana is that they will not learn.


they are no worse than all public schools these days pushing the LGBT agenda under the guise of “Tolerance” and “Diversity”. That along with the push to address students gender neutral so not to confuse them about themselves …that is don’t refer to a girl as “she” or “her” etc. Let them decide for themselves if they are actually male or female while continuing to encourage them to explore alternate lifestyles.

Not saying I agree with what this school at all. But seems the ACLU doesn’t seem to care when religious beliefs are infringed upon by the government’s agenda which is pushed by special interests.


They are absolutely worse. One is harassing and ostracizing students for who they are, the other is promoting what should be common courtesy…respecting rather than ridiculing people who are different than you. Everyone is so quick to judge gay and transgender people but you have no idea the kind of turmoil and torment they go through. ThevLEAST a school can do is provide an atmosphere where they can feel safe and included. They are people too. They are some ones child, have some compassion and dont act like promoting tolerance is the same thing as systematically belittling a child for their beliefs.


you think that Christian children in public schools don’t get ridiculed for their beliefs??? Of course they do and the schools don’t care about that.

I agree that all should be made to feel welcome regardless of who they are, their beliefs, etc.

I do not agree with what this school did, but what I find interesting is that the ACLU jumps in immediately on this but when Christian children have their beliefs trampled on no one seems to care and certainly not the ACLU. :rolleyes:


The ACLU has been involved in many cases where they defended the rights of Christian students.


Can you give us some recent examples?



Thank you!


No problem. I was actually rather surprised by the number of cases the ACLU has taken in support of a person’s religious rights.


There is really no justifiable reason for a public school teacher to call a child’s family religion stupid.




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