Act of contrition in Latin


Does anyone know if there is a video of someone saying the Act of Contrition in Latin on the web. I have the words but don’t know how to pronounce all of them.



There are several versions per recent thread.


Meaning no disrespect, but if it’s a language you aren’t familiar with, why do you feel a need to express sorrow to God in that language?


Thank you much.


I can’t speak for the OP, but there are some prayers that speak to my heart more in Latin (which is mystical and supernatural sounding to a simple heart, I think. I’ve heard of children calling it the “angel’s talk.”) and it works both ways. Sometimes to put my heart into my rosary I just need to pray it in Latin. Can’t explain it.


Well, there is a reason, and I could tell you if its really important to you but I’m more interested in knowing what difference it makes to you ie why do you care?



I didn’t find a video there did I miss something? In case anyone else reads this, an audio would do as well.


Try this site:

Right click to save file either under IE or Firefox; this should create an MP3 on your desktop or wherever you wish to save it. It worked for me so I hope you will have the same luck.


Excellent. Thank you


Any prayers said in Latin are said in union with all the saints in time who too prayed in Latin. :smiley:


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