Acting Head of Republic: No Gay Parades for Crimea

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Those saying this is such good news, I don’t know if Ukraine allowed gay pride parades as well.

And it would seem Ukraine in total doesn’t have “same sex marriages” so this should be remembered by those who seem to say “Look Putin is against Same-Sex Marriages”, most likely Ukraine is against such as well.


Hooray. Good for Crimea.


Fairly ominous words. Not sure why anybody would cheer this on. I wonder what he has in mind that can change someones mind in 3 minutes?

“We in Crimea do not need such people, and they will never hold their events publicly,” Aksyonov said, Interfax news agency reported.

“The police and self-defence [forces] will react quickly and explain within three minutes the orientation one should hold to.”


Interesting and good point.

I guess he’s saying the parade would be quelled immediately. Ukraine seems to largely mirror Russia in how they see these issues including some alleged beatings unfortunately.


When we focus too much on the " gay" issues and not the humanitarian ones, this is the conclusion of a good totalitarian government. Bring in the police and convince them in three minutes?

As much as the gay parades annoy me, I’d rather tolerate them than deal with threats of cops and torture.


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