Action alert - online abortion poll

Marie Stopes International (one of the largest abortion providers in the world) is running an online poll on its Irish Website asking: Should abortion be legal in Ireland?

The voting is currently at Yes 64% No 36%

The link to the website is

Click on NO then click the VOTE button

Please pass on the link to the poll to all your pro-life contacts and tell them to vote NO

NOTE: There are no restrictions on how many times a person can vote in this poll so the results cannot be taken seriously. However, it is still vitally important that there is a large NO vote in this poll.

Please vote, tell your friends, and come back here to confirm it to keep the thread ‘sticky’.


I just voted but the poll results says 64% says NO 35% say YES to the poll question; Should abortion be legal in Ireland?


Thanks for the link

Here is the currant vote;
Should abortion be legal in Ireland?
Yes 32% said
No 68% said

I just voted also.

Yes: 31%
No: 69%

Voted - and sent out to every pro-life person in my address list.



29% yes
71% no


I just voted, current results:

Should abortion be legal in Ireland?

Yes 29% said
No 71% said

Though that said, I’m an American so one might legitimatly complain why I’m trying to “decide for the Irish”… But I guess from my POV, it’s more trying to save them from this mess.

All human souls belong to God. We are voting for those who do not have the ability to vote for themselves. Nothing on that site says that I can’t or shouldn’t vote if I’m not Irish.


I voted. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link.

Now at
25% yes
75% no.:thumbsup:

Well then, this whole exercise is pretty meaningless, isn’t it?:rolleyes:

maybe, but did it anyway:

Should abortion be legal in Ireland?

Yes 19%

No 81% :wink:


18% yes
82% NO :thumbsup:

Wow way to go! :thumbsup:

Edit: In one sense, it is meaningless, but it can also serve to highlight the lies of the pro-aborts. For example, in Northern Ireland last year, there was a poll for a university website about abortion. The result was in favour of abortion but it was so ridiculous because the votes were coming in at hundreds every minute and it was obvious that it was rigged.

Poll is currently 84% - no; 16% - yes,. :slight_smile:

This is a news story connected to that poll:

but that article is about a different poll with different results.

It makes reference to this poll though at the end and highlights the fact that Marie Stopes won’t use the result gained in this poll if it doesn’t support their agenda.

Oh I see, sorry must have missed that last bit. :o

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