Active, Young, Catholic, Single!

Ok, so there are so many threads about singles who are so upset that they are alone I though it would be a good idea that we celebrate our singlehood and the fun things we get to do because we are young and single.

So post what you did that’s fun, with our without others.

-Today I came home for work, grabbed a hour of adoration, called a couple friends and then went into my back yard and trained my do off leash. She was HYSTERICAL with her giant tennis ball and is currently down for the count. I’m cooking a quick dinner and enjoying an episode of Bones.

-Tomorrow I’m going to the city. My friends and I are going on a free sailboat ride, going to an outdoor market, visiting some historic buildings, going to a art display, going to Mass, and then grabbing dinner and perhaps a show if we still have energy.

Today-not much. Worked. Got paid (woo hoo! :extrahappy:). Paid off my bills (YAY! :D). Currently making a Stoffer’s cheese pizza (YUM!) and enjoying watching The Golden Girls on Hallmark Channel. (Yeah I know…I’m boring. :blush:)

Tomorrow-grocery shopping and (hopefully) getting together with a friend tomorrow night. I’m glad I only have to shop for myself! Is that wrong?

I don’t qualify as “young,” but I am single!

I had my last physical therapy session today, and will be enjoying a 3-day weekend (I’m taking Monday off for my final recheck with my surgeon). Tonight my daughter and I are heading out for the farm–I’m going to attempt to ride my horse for the first time in about a year, if my knee holds up! Tomorrow I’ll be attending a Derby party at Turfway Park (probably alone, but possibly with my daughter) and then off to a club to support my late fiance’s bass player, who recently joined another band. Sunday morning will be Mass, then chores. Monday is a visit to the doc, a stop at the cemetery where my fiance is buried, then more chores (possibly washing my horse if weather permits).


I took my riding lesson today and afterward I went for a walk to the park with my daughter and took her down the slide and pushed her on the swing.

Today I worked and now I’m at home crashing, alone, in the quiet. And considering the long week it has been, this is a wonderful thing! :smiley:

The rest of my weekend will be plenty busy! I have a couple of errands to run, then I get to go play with butterflies for the last time this season. I volunteer at a butterfly house and this is my last weekend. So the girl I work with and her husband and another friend and her two kids are all going to come and hangout. Then the kids in my RCIA for kids class are making their first confession tomorrow evening. After that, Mass and a rosary procession.

Sunday, our last RCIA for kids class. Then, my friend’s daughter’s birthday party and hanging out with their family.

Should be plenty busy! :smiley:

Went to see a really bad movie with friends, walked with my dogs by myself, and am going to watching the original this weekend as well as going to a baseball game, hiking, and of course, church.

Being all of the above-single, young, active and Catholic RULES.

Thanks for starting this thread. People complain WAY TOO MUCH about being single.

I just got off work, now I’m heading the to gym! Got to get my fitness on!
Tomorrow: playing in a rugby game, mani-pedi, gym, clothes shopping, then Mass (I hope). Oh, I’m getting my hair done at this really nice salon (seriously, they are booked at least 3 months ahead). Later tomorrow, there a post rugby match party.

Sunday-Mass. Ooopsie…forgot to mention it… :whistle:

I’ll enjoy being single a LOT more after Wednesday, when I turn in capstone for my Methods in Education class. Then, I can relax, party, and catch up with all my friends! Can’t wait for the semester to be over! Woohoo!

CS your post made me laugh

girly thing
girly thing
girly thing

LOL. I’m neither girly nor sporty…kinda hiking chick. You know, pink bandana and long hair but total hiking boots. You’re quite the mix!

At least I’m never boring! Lol. Rugby helps me get out my aggession. I just hope it doesn’t rain, I don’t feel like rolling around in the mud. Most of the women on the team are very girly as well.

Before coming in to work today, I went to a local card/game shop and played Magic with a few other guys.

Oh my Gosh! Bataar-I loved that game when I was in high school! I had a blue/white turbo stasis deck that was so great! I loved it! I also had a land destruction red/black that really good as well! I better quite now…

Hahaha, I got to read in bed last night without bothering someone sleeping next to me and do the same in the morning whilst drinking tea. I got to go to a movie with a friend (How to Train Your Dragon is totally fantastic by the way) and now I’m going to cook something I like to eat and go to bed at my own pace. The single life isn’t so bad hahaha.

I am going to take a hot bubble bath and then go to bed. I got the green light to start exercising again after an injury so tomorrow I am going to go to wake up, make a glass of carrot apple juice with my juicer, hit the gym and then get on my bike and go for a nice ride. I am doing a 20 mile bike ride at the end of May so don`t have much time to get in shape but I will be able to do it if I work hard.

I am growing herbs and veggies on my balcony so tomorrow I will also have fun “gardening.” LOL.



My friend is sick, so our plans fell through. :frowning: So I’m home watching “Sherlock Holmes” sigh I love the accents.

What a great idea for a thread! Yesterday I took the afternoon off, got my hair dyed a rocking chestnut red, put on a pretty dress to go to my students’ Confirmation Mass. Afterwards, went out to eat with my co-teachers and had girl talk, burgers, and a Killian’s Red, not once worrying what “message” any of the above would say to guys.

Today, I woke early to catch up on TV shows I missed on Hulu, going to go to Spiritual Direction later, maybe a little shopping, and enjoying the sunny, warm day!

Good thread…its nice to see something from a postive perspective.

Anyway…things I’ve been doing lately outside of work: Happy hour, sports games, training for a half marathon, going out to dinner with friends, going to a bbq this weekend. I have had friends come in from out of town to visit me. I’ve also taken the free time I have to cook new things, do volunteer work, work out every day, attend professional conferences/training, and study/increase my skills for my job. Additionally, I travel several times a year. I’ve taken one vacation so far this year and have at least two more booked.

Either single or with a girlfriend, I really am happy with all the things I’ve been able to do.

I plan to watch sherlock Holmes this weekend.

Let’s preface this by saying I’m young-ish rather than young.

Had a fantastic dinner last night at a Spanish restaurant with a friend. Browsed a great discount bookstore. She told me she wanted me to make her a blanket (I’m a crafty type who crochets stuff like that) - which is good, it’s my favourite thing to do as the weather gets colder, which it’s doing here in Australia.

Worked today, the work itself is kinda tedious but I got to joking around with my colleagues, who are lots of fun.

I was privileged to be able to attend Mass on the way home, as the church is almost directly en route and started just about when I knocked off work. Prayed the rosary as well, something I don’t do nearly as often as I should, and it felt good to take the time to do it. All part of First Saturday devotions as well, so all a bit of an extra present for Mama Mary.

Relaxed with good pizza (love the takeout when I’m too tired to cook) and Nigella Lawson, probably my favourite tv chef, then got stuck into my latest novel - so nice to have a chance to read something that isn’t work-or-faith related sometimes.

Cleaned house and watched the Mariners’ game today, then went to church. That’s about it.

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