Activist Groups Urge Obama to Reject Boy Scout Honor

Critics of the Scouts who are outraged that the group is allowed to exclude gays and atheists while receiving federal funding are urging Obama to reject the group’s honorary presidency, a designation bestowed on every U.S. president since William Howard Taft in 1910.

“I’m hoping and praying he turns down the honorary presidency,” said Howard Menzer, president of Scouting for All, which advocates for inclusion of gays into the Boy Scouts.

“No way should he be involved with a discriminatory group. That would be the best thing that could happen if he said, ‘You discriminate too much for me. I can’t be your honorary president.’ I think that might begin to change a few things.”

Obama was meeting with a delegation of the Boy Scouts in the Oval Office on Tuesday afternoon, at which time he was to accept the group’s 2008 Report to the Nation.

A Boy Scouts spokesman said Obama has indicated he will accept the title of honorary president.

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Don’t these groups have anything better to do. Leave the poor scouts alone. :mad:

Did you realize that the Scouts have mistreated their members, banning them from joining or from remaining members?

The scouts are one of the few groups that have not kowtowed to the pc groups. I am very proud of the fact that they have stuck to their guns on their beliefs. These groups are obvious not happy with them. As a proud mother of a boy scout I hope they never let their beliefs go to please these selfish pc groups.

Would you feel the same way if the Scouts excluded Catholics? If the President of the US were to accept the honorary presidency of an anti-Catholic organization, would you feel offended?

Gays and atheists are not allowed in scouts for two very good reasons:

  1. There have been past incidents where gay Scout masters have engaged in sexual acts with boys, and the Scouts wish to never see that horror again;
  2. One of the Scout Laws is reverence, and this means, among other things, respect for God. Since atheists don’t believe in God, they cannot follow this law

And I’m speaking as a Boy Scout.

But that is exactly what this group stands up for. Their Christian beliefs which is why the PC groups are so up in arms about them. How dare a Christian group instill their Christian beliefs on a bunch of people who trying to join their Christian group. It all very odd.

But its not a Christian organization. I don’t know of all the religions it supports, but certainly it has materials prepared for Muslims, Buddhists and Jews.

Wouldn’t you be offended if an organization which barred you from joining was seeking approval from the president of the US, and the president granted that approval? Wouldn’t you expect the Catholic League to say something?

No, that doesn’t upset me at all. It’s not a hypothetical, by the way. There are many groups that get honored by the White House in which I could not become a member. Some are because I am female, others because I am white, some because I am not an athelete and others because I am a Christian. Doesn’t bother me at all. Right of Free Association and all.

Yes it is inclusive towards other religions, and actually trys to encourage belief in God even if it is another religion, including awards for religious study based on a scout’s theistic background. It does this without placing cultural guilt on Christians, who are the overwhelming majority. While not officially a ‘Christian’ organization, it would be misleading to say it is not based on Christianity. It truly is the model for real acceptance and tolerance in society as you can be Buddist, Muslim, Catholic, Protestant, etc. and not worry about being excluded, picked on, mocked, etc.

Comparing the non-acceptance of gays to the non- acceptance of Catholics is a bit relativistic dont you think? I dont agree with your premise that practicing homosexuality or Atheism is on an equal status to practicing Catholicism. Please prove this first before you ask, “would you feel that way if they barred Catholics from Boy Scouts.”

Marcellus, please, don’t be silly. We have to “accept all cultures”, and embrace “value diversity”, regardless of ones personal beliefs.

Should blacks be excluded because of past incidents of black scout masters engaging in racist bias against white boys?

Blacks aren’t excluded and no one is looking to exclude them…what’s your point? Homosexuality is not equivalent to race or religion. In the interest of diversity and acceptance, these groups should applaud the Boy Scouts as part of our cultural diversity. …or does that not count? :shrug:

No, not at all. Its a matter of empathy, of being able to understand another’s outlook while wearing their shoes. Gays have good reason to feel miffed that an honor is being bestowed on an organization which refuses to allow them to participate. Its not a matter of “selfish pc groups” trying to stir up trouble for the sake of causing trouble nor is it a matter of relativism.

That is in response to another poster who says the exclusion of gays can be justified due to past incidents where gay scout masters have engaged in sexual acts with boys. Following that reasoning, the exclusion of blacks could also be justified due to past incidents where black scout masters have engaged in racist bias against white boys, or vice versa. If a whole group can be excluded because of the actions of just a few, that rule should be applied equally to all other groups.

Homosexuals + Boy Scouts?

Ha ha ha!

Is practicing Catholicism and practicing homosexuality morally equivalent, according to your world view? Are the same set of values reflected in both groups of people.
Does legality of a behavior imply that the values of all groups of people essentially the same, and interchangeable?

And is there a difference between being non-Catholic and anti-Catholic?

On the surface, your arguments sound fair enough, but your implications imply analogies that just are not there.

I do agree though that the legitimization of anti-American groups, such as CAIR by the American presidency ought to be offensive. Do those actions offend you too?

I don’t know why the Boy Scouts would even want him as their honorary president. IMO, the scouts should refuse to offer it to him in the first place.


No. The comparison between anti-gay and anti-Catholic was meant to evoke empathy, not to express moral equivalence.

And is there a difference between being non-Catholic and anti-Catholic?

Yes, just as there is a difference between being non-gay and anti-gay.

I do agree though that the legitimization of anti-American groups, such as CAIR by the American presidency ought to be offensive. Do those actions offend you too?

I have no reason to think that CAIR is anti-American.

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