Activists Deface Mount Rushmore With Global Warming Banner

Greenpeace did it, read more at the link, this is not a joke.,2933,530812,00.html

I think they should get Jail time for this.

These people are way out there. Yep, they should get jail time, but they won’t. They won’t even touch them. Too politically correct.:rolleyes: I can’t believe they’re getting all hysterical about the new “science fiction” the left wing is dishing out.:rolleyes:

I’d like to see someone hang a banner that says “Bring Christianity back to America” or even “God Bless America”…see how far that would get! We’d all be facing the lions in the den!! Make no mistake.

Agreed. Same thing happens with the WW1 monuments that are in shape of a cross… The VFW is fighting it, but because someone thought it was wrong to have a religious symbol on public ground they might actually have to take it down. When it comes to God freedom of speech seems to be far less valuable and easier to tear down…

I don’t necessarily disagree with the first part of their message.

The global warming bit? :shrug:

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