Activities at SFO Meetings?

What are appropriate activities at a local meeting.?

The atmosphere here is to emulate the return to the "cave" at sunset to reflect on today's activities. Keeping in mind of course this is a time to lay back and put your tired feet up to the warmth of open fire, bring out the guitars, laugh sing and do whatever.

My question is put to you because I assumed there was an appropriate time of day to implement the use of the Crown which Francis invented. Apparently an order I am familiar with frowns on this prayer, the reason given that there are other devotions dedicated to this. My reaction to this answer is that it has a prideful ring to it. Also they frown on reviewing Catholic norms such has Catechism,etc. The answer being it was not within the charism of the their order.

Assuming that Francis intended for the Crown to be said at least communally on occasion, when did he assume was proper for this.?


HI Sir:

Just to clarify… The Franciscan Crown of the Seven Joys of the Blessed Virgin was not developed by St. Francis, but by a friar - many years after the saint’s death.

The crown is part of the Franciscan heritage as it reflects a Marian Devotion proper for Franciscans. I know there are Franciscans who do not recite it, but I don’t see the reason why it is should frowned upon by Secular Franciscans.

In my fraternity, we recite the Divine Office (we are an emerging one). Later on, I believe it will be part of our community prayer time. One old fraternity I know recites the Franciscan Crown after the Divine Office towards the end of their local gathering.

Emulating the ‘cave’ at sunset is great! :thumbsup: It’s a chance to express brotherhood the way St. Francis intended. Of course, discussing some Franciscan insights is important.

In Christ,

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