Actor James Woods leaves Twitter over alt-right 'censorship'



His parting shot was memorable.

Great actor. Hated him (in the GOOD way) in “The Onion Field”.

Mesmerized by him in “Citizen Cohn”.

RANKER lists “Once Upon A Time in America” as his best. < It WAS good.

Didn’t Trump use twitter all the time to his great advantage … even when the publicity was initially bad?

Does Twitter do similar censorship on far left posts?

Don’t tweet myself … and have only read tweets when some hit the news. :shrug:


Twitter are idiots.

Every parent knows that the way to make something more attractive is to make it mysteriously forbidden.

And every parent knows that the way to handle a tantrum - even the epic tantrums that go by the silly names of the “alt-right”, “Black Lives Matter”, etc… - is to ignore it and set limits.

But then, parenting isn’t exactly a high priority in today’s world. :stuck_out_tongue:


Still haven’t figured out what “alt-right” is.:shrug:


Should have added “Euromaidan” to the list of tantrums! It was even more violent that Black Lives Matter and the anti-Trump protests. It disgusts when conservatives celebrate it!


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