Actor Jim Carrey - Prophet of Doom

Wow, I was sitting at home Friday night and clicked on the 2005 movie, Fun with D*** and Jane. (the forum won’t allow me to use the short name for Richard, but that’s cool).

Anyway, always wanted to see it, and besides, Téa Leoni’s in it, so can’t be all that bad. I could not believe the simularities between what happened in that movie and what’s been going on in our economy since last Fall. Richard’s company tanked due to the CEO cooking the books and investing in no profit type companies. The mega company he worked for was done in by corporate greed and Richard’s stocks were worthless. The real estate market went belly up so Richard and his wife could not afford to sell their house. Richard would go to job interviews only to find a long line of his buddies already there.

Very creepy…

Anybody notice that?

Eerily, on that very same night, despite being miles apart, we were perhaps this close to watching the same show on the same channel. But I opted for one turn of the dial north, and saw Red Dragon.

Aaaannny how, I don’t think “Prophet of Doom” is quite appropriate. I mean, I don’t see him going around with a poster saying ‘The End is Nigh!’. Economic collapse is nothing new, neither is corruption. Jack Van Impie is no closer to being right today than he was five years ago.

Yeah, was mostly tongue in cheek about Carrey… But was amazing how close some of the things that happened in the movie kind of played out in real life for some folks…was just kind of weird…

I wonder, did that take away from the humor of the film? Might it have hit a bit “tpo close to home”? No, that’s not the phrase. Ah yes, “Too close for comfort?” I suppose in one sense, it becomes the sort of humor that everyone can relate to.

There was no humor in the film. It was terrible. First and last time I ever went to theater with the plans to see something that was playing soon.

Yes, it was more like, this is weird and not funny…corporate greed, bankruptcy, job losses, and dispair is never funny, especially now a days…

I recall that “Fun with **** and Jane” was a movie made in the 1970s --so this newer one is a remake, and the first one was bad enough! The earlier one had I believe George Seigal playing Richard. I couldn’t stand it (they were showing it on the airplane when I went abroad in '78) and did my best to sleep through it with pillow firmly over head. Why oh why are the movie makers unable to have an original thought in their heads in the last dozen years or more I’ve suffered through remake-itis and sequelitis and ‘live action remake of cartoon’itis’ ad nauseam. . .

It’s because they think (perhaps with some reason) that, given the multitude of entertainment options people have today, filmgoers will be more likely to take a chance on something that has a title or concept they are familiar with from childhood, than with something completely original. That’s the best explanation I’ve seen, at least.

However, what happens once everything original has been “used up”?

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