Actor to undergo counciling for "homophobia"


Don’t have much on it, sorry, just saw the morning news today, and some actor in, I believe Grey’s Anatomy is undergoing brainwashing to rid him of his soul.

It the end people! I warned you to burn em when ya had the chance!:wink:

Anyways, a small step in the looooooooong decline of humanity, a giant leap for the Anti-Christ.


Life & Style EXCLUSIVE: Isaiah Washington Enters Treatment Facility!

Grey’s Anatomy star Isaiah Washington has entered a residential treatment facility in an effort to quell the controversy surrounding his anti-gay remarks — and save his job, Life & Style has learned exclusively.

According to an insider, Isaiah, who issued an apology for his statements on Jan. 18, agreed to undergo a psychological assessment after talks with ABC executives.

The married 43-year-old father of three was spotted entering the facility at 9 a.m. today (Jan. 24).

And in a statement released today, Isaiah, confirms this saying, “With the support of my family and friends, I have begun counseling. I regard this as a necessary step toward understanding why I did what I did and making sure it never happens again. I appreciate the fact that I have been given this opportunity and I remain committed to transforming my negative actions into positive results, personally and professionally.”

Isaiah, who plays Dr. Preston Burke on the show, became embroiled in controversy for making a homophobic remark about Grey’s castmate T.R. Knight during an on-set argument last fall. (T.R., 33, publicly announced that he is gay after the incident.) The controversy reignited after the Jan. 15 Golden Globe Awards, at which Isaiah denied ever making the comment — but used the anti-gay slur in his denial.

“ABC has told him he must enter a program to examine why he would say such hateful words,” the insider says.

Meanwhile, during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Jan. 17, T.R. confirmed what Isaiah had said last fall — and expressed surprise at his co-star’s attempted denial.

Isaiah issued his apology the next day, saying, “I can neither defend nor explain my behavior. I can also no longer deny to myself that there are issues I obviously need to examine within my own soul, and I’ve asked for help.”

Isaiah’s cast mates have been vocal about the controversy. “I feel really sad,” Kate Walsh has said. “I just trust that our show will deal with it in the way it sees fit.”

Katherine Heigl called the situation “tense,” adding, “I think it’ll work out and I’m hopeful that it’s handled properly.”

Reps for Isaiah and ABC were not immediately available for comment

You would think a simple apology would suffice.


This sounds like McCarthyism all over again. I read the other day that in the United Kingdom Catholic Charities may stop handling adoptions because the new gay rights law will force them to give babies to homosexuals. They are debating there whether religious organizations should be given an exemption from the law.

I’m pretty tolerant myself about homosexuals, but this type of aggressive action on the part of their movement is repulsive to me. They don’t seem to be able to tolerate diversity on opinions, and appear to want nothing less than total acceptance by every man, woman and child on the face of the earth.



It wasn’t a difference of opinion on the morality of homosexuality…it was blatant slanderous word against a co-worker. Though i think counselling is obviously over the top, I would hope that the Church, while maintaining its current position, would condemn that kind of aggressive and demeaning language against homosexuals.


I hope it does too, but then again I hope it also condemns some solutions put forth by these gay advocacy groups. I was reading one such article where a group was calling for his character to turn gay so that they could watch him “squirm”.


We can believe that the act of homosexuality is a sin without resorting to name calling or rude behavior. I am also bothered by the actor’s lying about his remark. If he had simply admitted his mistake or refused to comment, this probably would have blown over.

I, too, though think that counselling is over the top.

By the way, I have never understood, did the actor in question just walk up to the other actor and call him a name or was there an ongoing arguement in which both parties said unpleasant things? Does anyone know?


I am 100% sick to the death of political correctness.
When people like Mel Gibson, Michael Richards and this Isaiah Washington are groveling to the media and falling all over themselves with apologies and “treatment”, they are being ridiculous in the pursuit of saving their careers.
If they didn’t think it, they wouldn’t have said it!
Just for a change, I’d like to see just one of these fellows actually say, "Yeah, I said it. So what?"
I may disagree with them but at least I could respect them for being honest!


By the way, I have never understood, did the actor in question just walk up to the other actor and call him a name or was there an ongoing arguement in which both parties said unpleasant things? Does anyone know?

From what I read, Washington refered to TR Knight as a 'faggot" when he did not realize he was nearby, and he was not himself involved in an argument with him.


Oh! :eek: They don’t like being called that! I just figured thats what they were called, as gay is far too confusing. I wonder if they would prefer abomination.:stuck_out_tongue:
And I can’t stand pronouncing “g”. A unpleasent ennunciation.

			I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.

-Mahatma Gandhi


“Faggot” is a derogatory term, no matter who says it and no matter what side of the homosexual agenda you are on. It was wrong of Mr.Washington to use that term - ever. :mad:

I’m not sticking up for acceptance of the gay lifestyle - I’m sticking up for human dignity.





Sheesh! Some people just cant take a joke!:smiley:

But I think the more serious matter, as was seen in every reply except my own, is that the agenda of the enemy is taking big steps. No longer are they satisfied by stating that something is wrong with us because we don’t…accept their behaviour, now its all out conversion by force. Well, at least it will be, not to seem melodramatic, but, it has to happen, does it not? After all, the Lords return is imminent.

And no longer will the Israelis have to destroy that Isalmic place to build the Temple, it turns out, the temple was actually 100 feet north of the Moslem place.

Perhaps that’s where they kept the animals in ancient days.


Yes the Lord’s return is imminent and He will probably take some of us homosexuals to Heaven with him whether it’s popular ot not.


If a homosexual is not acting on his urges, I don’t see why they wouldn’t stand a chance of going to heaven. After all, its actually engaging in the act that is a sin, not simply suffering from the desire to be with the same sex.


Along with the rest of us sinners…who **Finally **stop sinning and get it right!


Pretty much the state of mankind…Everyone wants their sin affirmed…not corrected.:rolleyes: The old…**“I’m OK your OK…as long as you let me do my thing and don’t remind me it is a sin.” **


If He doesn’t, I would be surprised. It’s kinda sad for all the labels we place on people. It sometimes saddens me to hear fellow Catholics ( or anyone for that matter) talk like they are so much better than anyone. I wish people would stop using their religion as a license to be judgemental.


I wish they would have the guts to love people enough to stand up with Christ’s love and say…“I love you but your wrong!”


yet the slanderous and uncorrect “homophobic” name Rosie O’Donnell threw at Kelly Ripa is ok… how? How come Rosie isn’t being forced into counseling?

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