Actress Brittany Murphy- dead at 32,20332090,00.html

Wasn’t too familiar with her…I’ve just seen her in a few movies and recognized her face when I came across the article. It’s sad, she was so young. :frowning:

I saw that today after I got my internet hooked up. I loved her in “Clueless”, her character was so much like me (awkward). :slight_smile: It is so sad, she’s so young. Anytime anyone has a death related to cardiac problems, it reminds of my mother (she died of cardiac arrest in July 2008).

Aw, that’s gotta be rough…I’m sorry Country Singer. :frowning:

Rest in peace.

I’m just glad (from the sound of it) that narcotics weren’t involved. At least, that’s the news at this stage. This will hopefully allow her to rest in peace sooner without all those gossip columnists speculating and saying, “Oh, lookie here she died of ______.”

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